Synonyms for Toss:


bounce, flutter, vibrate, oscillate. buffet, wave, aim, direct, swing, wobble, point, rock, flounder, undulate, roll, bob, sway, stir. dart, place, gamble, break the bank, put money on something, move, see, stake, shoot, shy, put on, bet, back, dash, hurtle. do away with, remove, replace, repetition, eliminate, dispose of, eradicate. beat, butter, blanch, blend, butcher, bone, strike, butchery, bake, chill, carve, attack. casino, fruit machine, craps, dice, double, die, writhe, draw, bingo, turn, squirm, agonize. luck. kick around, talk over, go into a huddle, words, moot, discuss, rap. act (noun)
pass, flip.
throw (noun)
fire, sling, chuck, propel, pitch, hurl, launch, lob, fling, project, flip, heave, cast.
toss (noun)
put away, cast aside, fling, toss out, throw out, slash, thrash about, chuck, jactitate, cast away, cast out, flip, discard, pass, sky, thresh about, throw away, thrash, convulse, pitch, toss away, dispose, chuck out, thresh.

n. & v.

flip (noun, verb)


derange (verb)
confuse, dislocate, muddle, disturb, rumple, roughen, clutter, agitate, tousle, disorganize, disorder, roil, capsize, ruffle, blur, mix up, misplace, jumble, dishevel, whip, mislay, tumble, scatter, disarrange, perturb, hash, convulse, tamper, trouble, scramble, swirl, upset, ferment, derange, muss, confound, botch, mess, displace, whisk, churn, discompose, meddle, rummage, ripple.
move back and forth (verb)
bob, rock, agonize, wave, swing, wobble, flounder, tumble, stir, roll, undulate, squirm, shake, oscillate, thrash, writhe, agitate, disturb, sway, buffet.
propel (verb)
catapult, pelt, propel, compel, cast, impel, hurl, flick, heave, butt, ram, launch, shove, goad, project, fire, bunt, precipitate, fling, throw, sling, bowl, push, cant, shunt, drive, thrust, lob, chuck, pitch, prod.

Other synonyms:

roll, gamble. bet, fluster, writhe, stake, agonize. distract, hurtle, squirm, nod, direct. dart, motion, unsettle, rattle, dash, bother, disquiet. aim, rock, point. put on, shake. place. turn, shoot. lift, back. lurch
send off
Other relevant words:
butcher, chuck out, oscillate, bounce, see, flutter, bone, carve, strike, swing, dash, put away, chill, motion, roll, rattle, wobble, throw out, die, rock, shake, bet, distract, move, eliminate, bingo, discuss, agonize, flounder, remove, repetition, bob, toss out, dispose, casino, flip, place, shoot, back, cast out, stir, writhe, toss away, thrash about, bake, cast aside, vibrate, dart, pass, hurtle, turn, slash, discard, point, moot, attack, blanch, jactitate, rap, butchery, craps, replace, flurry, bother, beat, stake, buffet, blend, squirm, unsettle, eradicate, undulate, words, thresh about, disquiet, butter, nod, gamble, luck, wave, draw, cast away, thresh, sway, sky, dice, duck, thrash, direct, double, shy, throw away, lift, aim, fluster.

Usage examples for toss

  1. At this his good wife, with a toss of her head, said, " Don't you be so ignorant, maaster, talking about what you don't know. – The Adventure of Living by John St. Loe Strachey
  2. But Peter did not toss his stick up now. – Rose MacLeod by Alice Brown
  3. Maybe I'll have to toss up a penny to find out which I'd better take. – Carl and the Cotton Gin by Sara Ware Bassett