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Other synonyms:

summerset, see, dump, bone, flip out, back, pass, disgorge, lick, mountain pass, go into a huddle, loft, oust, butchery, passing, duck, sky, cat, notch, monger, strike, fiddle, chuck out, ban, eliminate, discard, ostracise, jerk, flutter, rock, lurch, purge, set up, jiggle, jiggle, chuck, retch, eighty-six, peg, twist, tack, bat, writhe, put on, crack, expel, dart, thresh about, throw away, unload, lag, stir, jail, slope, peddle, thrash, remand, flip-flop, bob, lose, dispose, draw, reject, wave, fiddle, whirl, strap, jig, convulse, vomit up, peg, toss out, bet, junk, move, pat, gash, lash, upchuck, exorcise, blend, loft, tuck in, put to sleep, squiggle, lather, attack, spue, toss away, talk over, alternate, lock, cast away, huckster, gaol, gear, go, throw up, slam, slough also sluff, eradicate, immure, shift, switch, barf, cast aside, kick around, discuss, somerset, beat, shed, bake, craps, flail, stake, lock up, turn out, vend, avert your eyes/gaze/head etc., ostracize, advance, roll, cream, bother, lam, shy, put behind bars, lay by, spew, deep-six, puke, do away with, moot, flog, double, point, trounce, fling, eject, carve, luck, butter, strait, turf out, repetition, somersaulting, toss your head/hair back, incarcerate, dispose of, deliver, wriggle, chill, disquiet, seesaw, leaf, wobble, be sick, lock away, put away, riff, exclude, careen, regurgitate, laissez passer, twist, seesaw, dice, shuck, summersault, lose, splurge, wiggle, riffle, bob your head, lay by, interchange, agonize, gamble, dash, hurtle, fluster, cut down, deep-six, unsettle, cashier, shut up, lock in, undulate, dump, flounder, throw out, die, somersault, aim, passport, eighty-six, jettison, vibrate, tilt, flurry, imprison, vomit, fruit machine, straits, hawk, cast out, wiggle, boot out, swing, shut away, buffet, throw off, passing game, squiggle, shake off, thrash about, unload, kick out, scrap, qualifying, break the bank, oscillate, walk, jerk, careen, slough also sluff, regorge, head, drop, shun, reject, blanch, bingo, mosh, cant over, remove, banish, shuck, put money on something, dismiss, jig, junk, clobber, exorcise, turn, thumb, butcher, wriggle, direct, turn over, place, qualify, rap, ditch, flip over, scrap, slash, cashier, replace, bounce, welt, incline, distract, twitch, blackball, thresh, casino, offer, rattle, jug, drub, motion, shoot, lift, pitch, tuck away, sway, cast off, flip, shake, honk, put aside, bye, drum out, nod, slant, slam dance, words, squirm, jactitate, calm, liberty chit, passing play, base on balls, sick, jettison.

Examples of usage:

At this his good wife, with a toss of her head, said, " Don't you be so ignorant, maaster, talking about what you don't know. - "The Adventure of Living", John St. Loe Strachey.

But Peter did not toss his stick up now. - "Rose MacLeod", Alice Brown.

Maybe I'll have to toss up a penny to find out which I'd better take. - "Carl and the Cotton Gin", Sara Ware Bassett.

Similar words:

toss away, toss back, toss bombing, toss off, toss out, tosh, tosk, tempest-tost, Tosk Dialect.

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