Synonyms for Swipe:


burn-in, burn, capture, archive, author, back up, block, call up, access, browse. strike out, lash out, lunge, hit out, target, strike at, swing, aim, slash. run away with, help yourself to something, walk off with, burgle. bonk, bump, hammer blow, blow, butt. kiss off, offense, slur, insult, jibe, name, name calling, slight, cut, offence. swipe (noun)
pilfer, nobble, snarf, pinch, filch, abstract, lift, hook, cabbage, sneak, purloin.


hit (verb)
lash out, blow.
steal (verb)
burglarize, fleece, pirate, hijack, grab, hook, blackmail, sneak, embezzle, haul, abstract, mug, steal, heist, extort, palm, holdup, stickup, nip, plunder, swindle, plagiarize, pilfer, loot, purloin, defraud, rustle, poach, rob, pocket, cop, pinch, filch, shanghai, lift, shoplift.

Other synonyms:

blow, slash, bump. lash out, lunge, strike at, aim, hit out. target. swing. steal
shoplift, steal, pinch, lift.
Other relevant words:
access, lunge, nobble, author, archive, snarf, slight, bonk, capture, bump, blow, cut, offence, run away with, insult, butt, burgle, sneak, name calling, strike at, offense, lash out, cabbage, pinch, purloin, target, burn, slur, kiss off, walk off with, slash, swing, browse, hook, aim, jibe, block, name.

Usage examples for swipe

  1. " This," she said, with a wild look in her side lamps; " this is the happy summer season, but, nevertheless, the next guy that leaves his brains at home and tries to make me tell him what is a good birthday present for his wife will get a bitter swipe across the forehead!" – Get Next! by Hugh McHugh
  2. I was up to New York last year, and I saw a drug store that had a picture frame department, and a line of toys, and brass and copper novelties- everything what we ought to sell and what was ours till we let these other stores swipe it from us. – Dawson Black: Retail Merchant by Harold Whitehead
  3. Not going to swipe my clothes, are you? – Man to Man by Jackson Gregory