Synonyms for Bid:


declaration, applicant, proposal, suggestion, appraise, biodata, affirmative action, application form, proposition, appraisal. effort, trial run, try, stand, struggle, chase. auctioneer, EBAY, bid up, bidder, Dutch Auction, auction. instruct, tell, bearish, over, broker-dealer, order, bear market, direct, bear, words, enjoin, bid price, bondholder, bull market, charge, bullish, bull. warn, come forward, step forward. draw, see, shuffle, go, lead, cut. dictate, order around, tax with, push around, require, boss around. dummy, grand slam, full house, dealer, flush, cards, hand. act (noun)
appeal (noun)
approach, entreaty, supplication, appeal, invitation, invocation, address, prayer, application, plea, petition, request, solicitation.
bid (noun)
call, tender, wish, command, invite, entreat, conjure, beseech, dictation, press, play, adjure, bidding, offer.
communication (noun)
bidding, command, tender, dictation.
endeavor (noun)
try, attempt, effort.
offer (noun)
present, citation, investiture, offer, gift, offering, grant, issue, submission, advance, deal, endowment, overture, quotation, tender, donation, proposal, attempt, concession, bestowal.
offering of money or services (noun)
summons, advance, proposal, submission, suggestion, declaration, invitation, offer.
request (noun)
probe, want, query, urge, inquiry, wish, desire, question, requisition, summons, demand.


ask for; command (verb)
direct, summon, warn, enjoin, proposition, order, instruct, demand, invite, solicit, require, charge, desire, request.
communication (verb)
offer (verb)
impart, cite, invite, render, give, submit, bestow, endow, quote, extend.
offered (verb)
advanced, Quoted, Imparted, Dealt, Gave, endowed, Offered, Bidden, Tendered, invited, Approached, extended, attempted, Rendered, bestowed, Cited, Submitted, presented, Issued, given, granted.
offer money or services (verb)
present, render, tender, submit.
petition (verb)
aspire, apply, claim, hope, compete.
petitioned (verb)
Aspired, applied, Claimed, Competed, Hoped.
possession (verb)
tender, call, offer.
request (verb)
plead, inquire, seek, summon, solicit.
requested (verb)
Urged, Summoned, solicited, Probed, Appealed, Wished, requested, Queried, desired, requisitioned, Questioned, sought, wanted, Inquired, Pleaded, Petitioned, Demanded.
say (verb)
wish, call, tell.

Other synonyms:

Dutch Auction, auction, biodata, applicant, bearish, broker-dealer, bondholder, come forward, bid price, EBAY, application form, bull market, bid up, bear market, step forward, suggestion, auctioneer, appraisal. bidder, enjoin, dealer, full house, grand slam, instruct, bullish, appraise, effort. bull, shuffle. flush. direct, dummy. hand. bear, tell. charge. draw. see. lead. cut. go. offer
Other relevant words:
call, warn, beseech, bull, biodata, bear, entreat, draw, command, broker-dealer, press, enjoin, play, shuffle, tell, EBAY, bondholder, try, bid price, go, direct, effort, flush, appraisal, bidding, adjure, charge, bullish, lead, proposal, dealer, bid up, proposition, declaration, order, require, conjure, suggestion, dictate, instruct, dictation.

Usage examples for bid

  1. Fred took the seat in the stern, and said in a low voice, " She shall go as far as we dare let her; stand by to lift the sail when I bid you." – Viking Boys by Jessie Margaret Edmondston Saxby
  2. Bid me good- night, Bessie. – Our Bessie by Rosa Nouchette Carey
  3. Then I sent Billy up on deck to find Enderby and bid him come to supper in the cabin. – The Strange Adventures of Eric Blackburn by Harry Collingwood