Synonyms for Concordance:


meeting of the minds, parallelism, uniformity, agree, homogeneity, symmetry, rapport, similarity, unity, equivalence, tune, likeness, sameness, identity, consonance. definition, example, corpus, dictionary, headword, lexicography, lemma, lexicon. prescriptive, grammatical, parse, rule, generative grammar, grammar, reformulate, grammarian, hypercorrection. agreement (noun)
acceptance, accession, unity, arrangement, compact, accord, concord, consensus, concurrence, stipulation, pact, unanimity, empathy, pledge, harmony, settlement, acquiescence, bond, deal, contract, consent, understanding, capitulation, assent, similarity, covenant, promise, agreement, treaty, consonance, accordance.
communication (noun)
harmony, concord.
concordance (noun)
harmony, concord.
concurrence (noun)
correspondence (noun)
similarity (noun)
state (noun)
harmony, concord.

Other synonyms:

grammarian, symmetry, hypercorrection, lexicography, consonance, parse, generative grammar, reformulate, uniformity, homogeneity, sameness, headword, equivalence, lexicon. rapport, identity, corpus, example, definition, grammar, lemma, parallelism, prescriptive, grammatical. unity, tune. rule. glossary
Other relevant words:
lexicon, grammarian, equivalence, headword, rule, grammatical, harmony, similarity, prescriptive, identity, dictionary, lexicography, rapport, parallelism, hypercorrection, tune, example, meeting of the minds, parse, symmetry, unity, consonance, uniformity, sameness, homogeneity.

Usage examples for concordance

  1. Forming a Companion to " The Complete Concordance to Shakespeare." – The Great Musicians: Rossini and His School by Henry Sutherland Edwards