Synonyms for Likeness:


parallel, echo, equivalent. identity, portrait, symmetry, equivalence. parallelism, same, uniformness, correspondence. reduplication, replication, simulacre, carbon copy. agreement (noun)
artifact (noun)
correspondence (noun)
correspondence in appearance; something that corresponds (noun)
clone, effigy, alikeness, copy, conformity, facsimile, picture, double, sameness, ditto, representation, portrait, analogy, uniformity, reproduction, model, replica, photograph, carbon, similitude, parallelism, image, depiction, similarity, identity, equivalence, xerox, resemblance, semblance.
duplicate (noun)
double, simulacrum, counterfeit, xerox, duplicate, parody, reproduction, ditto, icon, carbon, clone.
outline (noun)
regularity (noun)
representation (noun)
photograph, image, facsimile, statue, figurine, rendering, idol, replica, bust, miniature, cast, portrayal, carving, outline, approximation, depiction, metaphor, cartoon, illustration, copy, silhouette, impression, representation, effigy, picture, snapshot, model, drawing, duplication, pastiche.
reproduction (noun)
similarity (noun)
match, analog, similarity, imitation, alikeness, resemblance, closeness, similitude, analogy, semblance, twin, sameness.
smoothness (noun)
uniformity (noun)
evenness, conformity, constancy, monotony, consonance, regularity, steadiness, invariability, conformance, seamlessness, consistency, homogeneity, uniformity.

Other synonyms:

reduplication, symmetry, carbon copy, concordance, replication, equivalence, uniformness, simulacre. identity. correspondence. affinity
Other relevant words:
identity, correspondence, simulacre, parallelism, alikeness, portrait, parallel, symmetry, uniformness, replication, equivalence, equivalent, carbon copy, congruence, reduplication.

Usage examples for likeness

  1. But I am glad that you admit the likeness – The Shadow of the East by E. M. Hull
  2. So many of the older people greet me, at first, as if they knew me- they all say I am so like 'the Madam; ' they don't see the same likeness in Madeleine for all her grand air. – The Light of Scarthey by Egerton Castle
  3. But, cried the witness, my children, like myself, thought the likeness perfect. – Occultism and Common-Sense by Beckles Willson