Synonyms for Triad:


group, Triunity, triumvirate, triune. group (noun)
triple, trio, triplet.
organized crime (noun)
godfather, gangland, gangster, the mob, made, mafioso, goodfella, the Cosa Nostra, mobster, the Mafia.
three (noun)
three, trio, trimester, triple, trident, triangle, tripod, delta, triptych, deltoid, clover, troika, trilogy, triplet.
triad (noun)
leash, ternary, tierce, troika, trey, 3, common chord, trine, deuce-ace, tercet, terzetto, trio, trinity, iii, triplet, ternion, three.
trio (noun)
triangle, triplet, triple, triptych, trine, trilogy, triune, three, troika, trey, ternion, Triunity, trinity, triumvirate.
triune (noun)

Other synonyms:

triune, triumvirate, Triunity. Other relevant words:
tercet, mobster, triune, leash, gangster, deuce-ace, made, iii, godfather, gangland, Triunity, 3, ternary, trey, mafioso, common chord, tierce, ternion, goodfella, group, trinity, triumvirate, trine, terzetto.

Usage examples for triad

  1. As for the other member of Webster's famous triad I fear that the most indulgent sentence passed on Master Dekker, if sent up for punishment on the charge of bad language and impudence, could hardly in justice be less than Orbilian or Draconic. – The Age of Shakespeare by Algernon Charles Swinburne
  2. The living man is there, the immortal Triad still clad in the last of its terrestrial garments, in the subtle, sensitive, responsive form which lent it during embodiment the power to feel, to desire, to enjoy, to suffer, in the physical world. – Death--and After? by Annie Besant