Synonyms for Colony:


possession, mandate, Asia-Pacific, climate, biome, the Celtic fringe, the Arctic, swarm, dominion, Atlantic Rim, the Antarctic, australasia, clearing, Central America, protectorate, offshoot, community, the Caribbean. monarchy, autarky, democracy, oligarchy, federation, dictatorship, republic, politics. flight, brace, gaggle. household, commune, Family, house, the Brady Bunch. apiary (noun)
colony (noun)
community (noun)
swarm, dominion, possession, offshoot, province, territory, settlement, mandate, protectorate, clearing.
crew (noun)
tribe, brigade, cell, coalition, battalion, string, phalanx, set, bevy, detachment, crew, herd, party, assembly, mob, collection, hive, division, assemblage, clique, force, outfit, troupe, fellowship, regiment, platoon, gang, aggregation, sect, union, cabal, posse, flock, retinue, troop, ring, covey, drove, nest, army, squad, wing, fleet, club, host, detail, league, caucus, clan, crowd, circle, team, company, pack, fraternity, staff, junta, band, body, coterie, society, faction, complement, group, bunch, cadre, litter, school.
group (noun)
region (noun)
circuit, neighborhood, country, sector, locality, duchy, quarter, field, municipality, region, empire, district, state, zone, precinct, bailiwick, lot, realm, canton, kingdom, area, commonweal, riding, parcel, town, shire, domain, plot, city, nation, territory, county, borough, earldom, beat, tract, province, place, dukedom.

Other synonyms:

household, gaggle, the Brady Bunch. possession, commune. Family. flight, brace. house. province
Other relevant words:
household, dominion, brace, settlement, swarm, Asia-Pacific, oligarchy, climate, offshoot, flight, gaggle, mandate, australasia, biome, Family, autarky, politics, protectorate, federation, republic, commune, house, possession, clearing, democracy, monarchy, community, dictatorship.

Usage examples for colony

  1. 3. The Colony Over- sea. – In-Darkest-England-and-the-Way-Out by Booth, William
  2. It was one of the peculiar characteristics of Barry Tuxford that at this time he should have made his way to a colony about which very little was known, and that little anything but encouraging. – The Second String by Nat Gould
  3. The whole colony consisted of one family, and each was called only by his Christian name. – Timar's Two Worlds by Mór Jókai