Synonyms for Regularity:


usual, prevalence, Customariness, usualness, habitualness, ordinariness, routineness. conformity (noun)
consistency, etiquette, compliance, formality, conformity, congruity, ritual, submission, conformance, manner, adherence, acquiescence, correctness, obedience, propriety, convention, accordance, observance, submissiveness.
constancy (noun)
stability, adherence.
correspondence (noun)
evenness (noun)
predictability, punctuality, swing, rotation, orderliness, cadence.
exactness (noun)
frequency (noun)
oscillation, prevalence, periodicity.
habit (noun)
mannerism, Familiarity, conventionality, leaning, tendency, routine, disposition, trait, addiction, temperament, custom, second nature, habit, daily grind, tradition, way of life, instinct, rut, fixed ways, treadmill, acclimation, wont.
harmony (noun)
conformance, order, consonance.
mediocrity (noun)
method (noun)
organization, orderliness, system, arrangement.
order (noun)
method, normality, normalcy, organization, efficiency, disposition, order, harmony, arrangement, balance, stability, system, symmetry, propriety.
recurrence (noun)
oscillation, cycle.
regularity (noun)
balance, recurrence, consistency, predictability, congruity, constancy, periodicity, standard, proportion, rhythm, universality, frequency, uniformity, rotation, routine, conformity, orthodoxy, symmetry, invariability, steadiness, harmony, predominance, punctuality, geometrical regularity, orderliness.
smoothness (noun)
symmetry (noun)
uniformity (noun)
homogeneity, consonance, evenness, uniformity, monotony, sameness, likeness, alikeness, constancy, seamlessness, steadiness, invariability.

Other synonyms:

Customariness, usualness, habitualness, ordinariness, routineness. prevalence. readiness
Other relevant words:
predictability, ordinariness, Customariness, orderliness, rotation, cadence, usualness, punctuality, prevalence, routineness, geometrical regularity, constancy, habitualness.

Usage examples for regularity

  1. Moreover, when we look for stratification in crystalline rocks, we must be on our guard not to expect too much regularity – The Student's Elements of Geology by Sir Charles Lyell
  2. My friend has been here every day of late with the utmost regularity – M. or N. "Similia similibus curantur." by G.J. Whyte-Melville