Synonyms for Resolution:


blank, checkbox, button bar, cell, bar, avatar, active window, button, blip, box. analysis, minutes, interpretation, session, quorum, recitation, elucidation, presentation, motion, proceedings, assertion, agenda, Apologies, exposition, recommendation, docket. choice, alternative, promise, intention, option, decision making, commitment, possibility, purpose, selection, have your pick of something. aspiration, ambition, decide, dynamism, energy, motivation, drive, conclusion. purposefulness, cure, certain, strong, compromise, remedy, willpower, heuristics, fix, decidedness, will, way out, process of elimination. answer, judgment (noun)
conclusion, assertion, motion, exposition, solution, analysis, finding, presentation, recommendation, solving, determination, interpretation, recitation, elucidation.
communication (noun)
resolve, declaration.
determination, strong will (noun)
declaration, purpose, moxie, decision, stubbornness, pluck, purposefulness, tenacity, dauntlessness, decidedness, perseverance, firmness, staunchness, settlement, fortitude, spunk, intention, boldness, verdict, energy, resoluteness, judgment, steadfastness, willpower, resolve.
judgement (noun)
arbitration, decision, sentence, mediation, verdict, assessment, judgment, adjudication, ruling, determination, justice, finding, pronouncement, consideration, appraisal.
perseverance (noun)
indefatigability, determination.
resolution (noun)
courageousness, perseverance, toughness, boldness, tirelessness, solvent, resolve, dauntlessness, devotion, solution, result, bravery, faithfulness, staunchness, spunk, pluck, tenacity, persistence, answer, stamina, resolving, indefatigability, settlement, resolving power, trueness, solving, moxie, diligence, sand, fortitude, steadfastness, heartiness, stubbornness, firmness, indomitability, Stoniness, fervency, resoluteness, decisiveness, declaration, bullheadedness, grit, Headstrongness, backbone.

Other synonyms:

purposefulness, process of elimination, willpower, heuristics, quorum, decision making, possibility, selection, decidedness. choice, agenda, proceedings, docket, motion, conclusion, compromise, option, remedy, will, way out. alternative, session, cure. fix. purpose.