Synonyms for Award:


glittering prize, consolation prize, Nobel Prize, commendation, championship. acquittal, citation, acquit, bring in a verdict, charge, call for, annul, bar. pay out, invest in, spend, finance, bear the cost/expense etc., put up. part with, hand, hand over. bursary, pocket money, confer, annuity, Rhodes Scholarship, fellowship. letter, carry off, take, recapture, vouchsafe, walk off with, walk away with, crown, sweep. act (noun)
award (noun)
awarding, present, accolade, prize, laurels, honour, grant, honor.
citation (noun)
scholarship, study atprize.
payment (noun)
reward (noun)
carrot, payment, temptation, treat, bounty, enticement, stimulation, plum, gratuity, inducement, allotment, amends, sweetener, wages, reward, consideration, bonus, stipend, lure, wage, atonement, remuneration, honorarium, compensation, sweepstakes, tip, tribute, incentive, gift, allowance, prize.


give (verb)
consign, give, pledge, extend, provide, devote, share, bestow, lavish, disburse, assist, dole, pay, allot, tender, ascribe, grant, expend, dispense, lend, shower, send, allow, attribute, impart, bequeath, donate, assign, serve, endow, ration, present, fund, furnish, render, deliver, submit, offer, supply, contribute, help.
possession (verb)
grant, present.
reward (verb)
compensate, honor, induce, entice, sweeten, tempt, remunerate.

Other synonyms:

annul, acquit, championship, Rhodes Scholarship, Nobel Prize, glittering prize, consolation prize, bar, acquittal, confer, scholarship, vouchsafe, pocket money, call for, annuity, bursary. walk away with, walk off with, recapture, commendation, carry off. fellowship. charge, letter. sweep. crown. take. give
part with.
honorable mention
Other relevant words:
awarding, charge, confer, accolade, part with, scholarship, acquit, take, letter, annul, recapture, sweep, championship, finance, crown, acquittal, honour, annuity, bar, commendation, bursary, spend, laurels, citation, vouchsafe, consolation prize, hand, fellowship, hand over.

Usage examples for award

  1. The arbitration of the Fisheries dispute between the United States and Great Britain, which has been the source of nearly continuous diplomatic correspondence since the Fisheries Convention of 1818, has given an award which is satisfactory to both parties. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various