Synonyms for Assumption:


force, oligopoly, authority, control, monopoly, might, postulate, domination, theory, power, leadership, greatness. arrogation, assuming. give, preemption, seizure, usurpation. reason. chutzpah, Impudency, pushiness, face, audaciousness, nerviness, brashness, forwardness, gall, uppishness, cheek, sassiness, brazenness, incivility, rudeness, audacity, courtesy, pertness, nerve, uppityness, Familiarity, attitude, crust, impertinence, sauce, overconfidence, brass, cheekiness, disrespect, discourtesy, insolence, sauciness. acquisition (noun)
annexation, claim, gain, appropriation, collection, addition, accumulation, acquisition, purchase, catch, procurement.
arrogance (noun)
brass, chutzpah, insolence, nerve.
assuming possession, power (noun)
appropriation, arrogation, seizure, usurpation, acquisition.
assumption (noun)
effrontery, Assumption Of Mary, premise, presumptuousness, presumption, supposition, laying claim, august 15, premiss, supposal.
belief (noun)
opinion, thesis.
communication (noun)
premise, premiss.
expectance (noun)
foreknowledge, presupposition, suspicion, preparedness, readiness, deduction, anticipation, apprehension, Expectance, presumption, Envisagement.
taking something for granted; something expected (noun)
hypothesis, suspicion, postulate, postulation, theory, presumption, premise, assuming, inference, supposition, supposal, belief, presupposition, conjecture.
thought (noun)
topic (noun)
dissertation, exposition, assertion, paradigm, subject, consideration, idea, question, essay, statement, conjecture, inference, position, contention, premise, postulation, theme, matter, problem, basis, argument, query, topic, thesis, principle, axiom, point, issue, theorem, concept, motif, belief, hypothesis, text, opinion.
uppishness (noun)
uppityness (noun)
usurpation (noun)

Other synonyms:

Assumption of Mary
Assumption Of Mary.
August 15
august 15.
chutzpah, nerviness, overconfidence, preemption, sassiness, sauciness, pushiness, arrogation, incivility, Impudency, uppityness, brazenness, uppishness, cheekiness. discourtesy, rudeness, forwardness, cheek, audaciousness, brashness, thought, theory, usurpation. crust, audacity, gall, nerve, insolence, sauce, disrespect, brass, impertinence, pertness. seizure, Familiarity. face.

Usage examples for assumption

  1. I do refuse, and tell you it is a piece of insolent assumption on your part to dictate to me what I shall do." – King of the Castle by George Manville Fenn
  2. If showers of fish are to be explained on the assumption that they are carried up by squalls or violent winds, from rivers or spaces of water not far away from where they fall, it would be nothing wonderful were they seen to descend from the air during the furious squalls which occasionally occur in June." – Sketches of the Natural History of Ceylon by J. Emerson Tennent
  3. " Of course, of course," the little fellow assented, with a funny assumption of knowing all about it. – Helmet of Navarre by Bertha Runkle