Synonyms for English:


aborigine, African-Caribbean, afghan, african, afrikaner, afghanistani, Alaska Native, aboriginal, allophone, Afro-Caribbean. asian, canadian, australian, american, british, belgian. arab, Arabism, asiatic. modern languages, liberal arts, industrial arts, gym, P.E., curriculum, domestic science, home economics, civics. british (noun)
english-speaking, commonwealth, limey, Anglic, britannic, anglo-saxon, norman, saxon, insular, non-Celtic, Anglo-, anglian, Anglicized, anglican.
communication (noun)
English Language.
english (noun)
English Language, The English, side, English People.
event (noun)
languages (noun)
arabic, American Spanish, basque, catalan, chinese, bengali, danish, afrikaans, dutch, Bangla.
person (noun)
English People.

Other synonyms:

English language
English Language.
English people
English People.
Old English
civics, domestic science, liberal arts, modern languages, industrial arts, home economics, P.E., curriculum. english
the English
The English.
Other relevant words:
afrikaans, Anglo-, british, African-Caribbean, arabic, commonwealth, aboriginal, non-Celtic, saxon, limey, catalan, afghan, anglican, gym, Bangla, canadian, belgian, basque, english-speaking, danish, chinese, afrikaner, Anglic, anglian, australian, anglo-saxon, Anglicized, aborigine, Arabism, britannic, afghanistani, Afro-Caribbean, american, curriculum, african, asiatic, arab, insular, dutch, asian, civics, allophone, bengali, norman.

Usage examples for english

  1. Is there one that can speak English – Oddsfish! by Robert Hugh Benson
  2. That's so, Sara, for Mr. Glendenning said I spoke good English or, at least, that because you were so wise was why my English was correct, something like that. – Sara, a Princess by Fannie E. Newberry
  3. We must have plain English Master Droop. – The Panchronicon by Harold Steele Mackaye