Synonyms for Spin:


wriggle, about-face. come down with, go down with, invade, lengthen, suffer, produce, get, increase, draw out, afflict, stretch, prolong, elongate, extend, Prolongate, develop, contract, long, protract, have, catch. turn something inside out, overturn, repetition, tip-up, tilt, angle, reverse, adjust. air traffic control, airspeed, air pocket, airborne, air-to-air, airlift, aerobatics, AIR CORRIDOR, aerospace, swim, airdrop. dry cleaner's, dhobi, hang up, come out, dry clean, drip-dry, ride, run, move, boil, hang out, drive, air, come off. swing, circle. coast, pedal, bike, remount, kick start, backpedal, bicycle clips. underarm, dead, good, topspin, rebound, bouncy, playable, backspin. spinning wheel, distaff, shuttle, interlace, spindle, loom, cane, basketry, spinner. dignify, overplay, magnify, idealize, overstate, talk up, exaggerate, play up, inflate, glorify. day trip, crossing, expedition, cruise, exploration, excursion, commute, circuit, flight. alight, hatch, fly, crawl, hover, infestation, beat, infest, flutter, chirp. delivery, fustian, formulation, fluency, gymnastics, monotone, diction, idiolect, formality, flow. swap stories, relate, retell, dine out on, weave, plot, storyteller, mythologize. act (noun)
twirl, twisting, twist, whirl.
circuit (noun)
gyration, rotation, revolution.
circular motion (noun)
whirl, revolution, roll, twist, turn, gyration, rotation, circuit.
revolution (noun)
rotation (noun)
spin (noun)
whirl, twisting, twist, recite, spin around, recount, tell, twirl, tailspin, gyrate, spin out, reel, birl, narrate.


go around, make go around (verb)
gyrate, twirl, revolve, rotate, swim, reel.
motion (verb)
gyrate, spin around, reel, whirl.
roll (verb)
roll, swirl, revolve, turn, rotate, cycle, whirl.

Other synonyms:

basketry, rotation, backspin, overturn, tip-up, mythologize, retell, drive, spinner, distaff, dine out on, topspin, interlace, about-face, revolution, storyteller, spinning wheel. rebound, wriggle, spindle, stretch, underarm, relate. adjust, loom, extend, cane, shuttle, weave, angle, tilt, circle, bouncy. playable. reverse. produce, plot. have. long. dead. good. draw out
spin out, protract.
Other relevant words:
underarm, twirl, Prolongate, dhobi, spin around, basketry, idealize, distaff, recite, aerospace, long, backspin, afflict, contract, mythologize, interlace, fly, gyration, formulation, spinner, hover, dead, drive, hatch, flow, glorify, airspeed, infestation, catch, excursion, have, elongate, kick start, boil, crossing, air, rotation, rebound, swim, loom, bike, pedal, chirp, monotone, angle, flight, swing, fluency, delivery, coast, twist, formality, gymnastics, airborne, air-to-air, gyrate, lengthen, dry clean, weave, cane, remount, retell, exaggerate, increase, idiolect, playable, aerobatics, expedition, revolution, overstate, cruise, tell, relate, recount, move, airdrop, beat, tilt, commute, good, extend, spindle, tailspin, prolong, overturn, crawl, airlift, backpedal, dignify, wriggle, adjust, get, reverse, topspin, reel, produce, about-face, shuttle, ride, circuit, inflate, flutter, bouncy, circle, twisting, stretch, plot, repetition, run, drip-dry, protract, draw out, develop, spin out, diction, infest, overplay, invade, narrate, fustian, storyteller, suffer, alight, birl, exploration, magnify.

Usage examples for spin

  1. You must go for a spin in that car of mine. – Cap'n Warren's Wards by Joseph C. Lincoln