Synonyms for Afghan:


pert (adjective)
afghani, afghanistani.


aborigine, Alaska Native, Afro-Caribbean, allophone, afrikaner, aboriginal, african, African-Caribbean. alsatian, basset. anglo-saxon, basque, canadian, belgian, australian, american, asian, british. asiatic, Arabism, arab. afghan (noun)
pashto, pathan, sheepskin coat, afghani, paxto, afghanistani.
bedclothes (noun)
bolster, canopy, blanket, comforter, bedspread, bedding, bedclothes, counterpane, bedlinen.
clothing (noun)
duds, beret, clothing, blouse, raincoat, nightgown, blazer, bathrobe, smoking jacket, skirt, garment, doublet, blue jeans, mackintosh, vesture, chemise, turtle-neck, headdress, vestment, scarf, panties, attire, wrap, dinner jacket, frock, fez, greatcoat, shawl, apparel, trousers, fedora, sweater, smock, slacks, shoes, boot, bowler, slicker, homburg, gown, pea coat, poncho, pillbox, habit, pants, ulster, sweat suit, stetson, dressing gown, kilt, shirt, pajamas, garb, bonnet, camisole, jersey, suit, evening gown, v neck, dress, coat, halter, cloak, wrapper, footgear, tunic, pinafore, trimming, corset, array, chapeau, sarong, kimono, jacket, shorts, housecoat, pyjamas, fur, ensemble, overcoat, windbreaker, tuxedo, brassiere, burnoose, cape, topcoat, pull over, outfit, robe, crinoline, costume, t-shirt, sweat shirt, sari, hat, trench coat, petticoat, sports coat, caftan, stockings, parka, jumper, clothes, raiment.
coverlet (noun)
dog (noun)
chihuahua, terrier, wolfhound, German Shepherd, schnauzer, beagle, basset hound, Aberdeen terrier, airedale, English Setter, setter, chow, retriever, greyhound, pointer, mastiff, Siberian wolfhound, dog, Great Dane, Irish Setter, Labrador Retriever, bull terrier, borzoi, boxer, boarhound, whippet, samoyed, pug, Doberman Pinscher, dachshund, poodle, cairn terrier, sheep dog, griffon, toy poodle, collie, spaniel, Yorkshire Terrier, spitz, pomeranian, hound, dingo, golden retriever, dalmatian, pekinese, scotch terrier, bloodhound, cocker spaniel, Irish Wolfhound, husky, French poodle, welsh terrier, foxhound, bulldog.

Other synonyms:

allophone, basque, basset, aborigine, St Bernard, alsatian, afrikaner, aboriginal, Alaska Native, Afro-Caribbean, arab, belgian, asiatic, African-Caribbean, australian. asian, african, british, canadian, Arabism. american. bedclothes
bolster, canopy, blanket, comforter, bedspread, bedding, bedclothes, counterpane, bedlinen.
Other relevant words:
pathan, Afro-Caribbean, allophone, bedclothes, bedspread, sheepskin coat, African-Caribbean, comforter, african, counterpane, basque, basset, bolster, paxto, american, afghani, canadian, pashto, afghanistani, bedding, australian, asiatic, british, afrikaner, blanket.

Usage examples for afghan

  1. Without speaking Mrs. Adams caught up the afghan from the sofa and wrapped it closely about her daughter. – Half a Dozen Girls by Anna Chapin Ray
  2. The year 1873 marks a fatal turning- point in Anglo- Afghan relations. – The Development of the European Nations, 1870-1914 (5th ed.) by John Holland Rose
  3. Following Haji Wali's advice, Burton, having changed his dress, now posed as an Afghan doctor, and by giving his patients plenty for their money and by prescribing rough measures which acted beneficially upon their imaginations, he gained a coveted reputation. – The Life of Sir Richard Burton by Thomas Wright