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country - 153 results
Other synonyms:

awkward, the land, sphere, countrified, oligarchy, acid jazz, turf, res publica, backup, acres, folk, a people, airspace, blues, landed estate, bluegrass, outlandish, back country, hick, rude, country-style, estate, country-bred, earth, soil, democracy, arcadian, the borderland, farm, unrefined, coarse, surface area, background music, untaught, uncouth, breadbasket, belt, terrain, rural area, politics, rustic, birth rate, Co., demesne, monarchy, polity, area, people, plain, homey, pop., bhangra, hillbilly, inhabited, the bush, sylvan, backing, provincial, ground, artless, backwoods, verdant, unsophisticated, autarky, baby boom, acid house, nation, arena, the country, corridor, solid ground, protectorate, clownish, dictatorship, western, countryside, orbit, dry land, eugenics, bedroom community, the boondocks, agricultural, the boonies, hoidenish, green belt, demographics, down-home, demographic, rural, backwater, campestral, unpolished, bucolic, body politic, inelegant, bebop, expanse, pastoral, terra firma, farming, state, boorish, overpopulated, state of matter, republic, urban, the (great) outdoors, commonwealth, land, federation, uncultured, nonclassical, ambient.

Examples of usage:

It is rumoured, however, that he is going to live out of the country, and so he may not get to know for some time. - "The Squire's Daughter", Silas K(itto) Hocking.

No country should be so long without one. - "Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson", Thomas Jefferson.

I am going to leave this country never to return, and do not yet know where I will go. - "Cord and Creese", James de Mille.

Similar words:

Scandinavian Country, South American Country, snack counter, spark counter, under-the-counter, take the count, Romneya Coulteri, take counsel, security council, trusteeship council.

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