Synonyms for Chinese:


american, afghan, anglo-saxon, canadian, belgian, african, british, australian. asiatic, Arabism, arab, African-Caribbean. brasserie, cafe, bistro, cafeteria, canteen, bar, carryout, buffet, cabaret. dim sum, spring roll, Chow Mein, sushi, tempura, Chop Suey, MISO, egg roll, sashimi. chinese (noun)
formosan, taiwanese.
languages (noun)
basque, danish, arabic, dutch, American Spanish, afrikaans, Bangla, bengali, catalan.
sinitic (noun)
asian, han, celestial.

Other synonyms:

cafeteria, Chow Mein, egg roll, Chop Suey, spring roll, sashimi, brasserie, cafe, dim sum, sushi, bistro, tempura, carryout, MISO. buffet, cabaret, asian, canteen. bar. Taiwanese
Other relevant words:
bistro, sushi, buffet, bengali, sashimi, carryout, arabic, basque, cabaret, MISO, cafeteria, Bangla, dutch, catalan, afrikaans, brasserie.

Usage examples for chinese

  1. But the book I ask for could not be written by anyone who was not of Chinese birth, and it would probably be written by a woman. – Home Life in Germany by Mrs. Alfred Sidgwick
  2. The Chinese made jolly beasts and trees, as if they believed in everything having a soul, and not only being just fit for people to eat or drive or make houses of. – The Dark Flower by John Galsworthy
  3. We are anxious to give the gospel to the colored people, the Chinese and to those of alien races; but we have felt no such anxiety for those of our own race who are not so very far away. – The Making of a Country Parish by Harlow S. (Harlow Spencer) Mills