Synonyms for Pretense:


lie, airs, ruse, semblance, gloss, appearance, trick, affectedness, seeming, cloak, mask, wile, subterfuge, falsehood. true, honest. Dissemblance, acting. put on, veil, coloring, face, window dressing, Disguisement, color, veneer, false colors. owned, Dibs, title, request. act (noun)
acting (noun)
falsehood (noun)
falseness, misstatement, fakery.
falsehood, affected show; cover (noun)
insincerity, deceit, feigning, affectation, fabrication, cloak, excuse, mask, evasion, trickery, fakery, misrepresentation, wile, semblance, facade, appearance, act, simulation, misstatement, veil, ostentation, sham, ruse, claim, pretext, masquerade, veneer, acting, guise, charade, subterfuge.
imitation (noun)
parallel, mirror, burlesque, caricature, representation, copy, sham, emulation, resemblance, duplicate, parody, simulation, replication, reflection, travesty, spoof, carbon, portrayal, reproduction, pseudo, duplication, mockery, mimicry, echo.
misrepresentation (noun)
false colors.
pretense (noun)
simulation, pretence, feigning, guise, pretension, pretext, dissembling, pretending, make believe.
pretension (noun)
impersonation, masquerade, counterfeit, pretension, cover, mannerism, falseness, guise, facade, imposture, imitation, deceit, show, fraud, fakery, bluff, front, ostentation, claim, affectation, forgery, device, charade, disguise, gimmick, artificiality, stage, air, pose.
pretext (noun)
plea, loop-hole, affirmation, reason, stratagem, red herring, pretext, justification, alibi, smoke screen, white lie, rationale, excuse.
pride (noun)

Other synonyms:

trick, airs, affectedness, window dressing, false colors, Disguisement, Dissemblance, Dibs. appearance, veneer, semblance, profession. coloring. gloss, cloak. acting, act. veil, put on, mask. title. face. distortion
make believe.
Other relevant words:
misrepresentation, coloring, dissembling, feigning, color, pretending, airs, put on, gloss, pretence, trick, Disguisement, semblance, seeming, Double dealing, appearance, false colors, face, blind, Dibs, arrogance, misstatement, veneer, title, trickery, profession, insincerity, mask, window dressing, veil, fabrication, evasion, falsehood, wile, acting, cloak, act, subterfuge, ruse, Dissemblance, affectedness.

Usage examples for pretense

  1. Clemenceau never before was so extremely bored by anything in his life as he was by the necessity of making a pious pretense in the Covenant when what he wanted was the assurance of the Triple Alliance. – The Inside Story Of The Peace Conference by Emile Joseph Dillon