Synonyms for Conditional:


comparative (adjective)
not absolute.
conditional (adjective)
dependent, tentative, provisional, contingent.
dependent (adjective)
qualified, provisional, provisory, tentative, reliant, restricted, contingent, limited, depending on, not absolute, granted on certain terms, subject to, restrictive, relying on, guarded, relative.
qualified (adjective)
provisional, Albeit, reserved, tempered, mitigated, qualified, exceptional, notwithstanding, Stipulated, limited.
restrictive (adjective)
situational (adjective)
situational, configurational, positional, circumstantial, modal.
subject to (adjective)
contingent on.


limiting, exclusive, prohibitive, specific, finite, within limits, under control. grammatical, compound, complex, conditioned, inflected, relative, deictic, start, reliant, subject, Frequentative, declarative, feminine. conditional (noun)
dependent, dependant, contingent on, contrary to fact, tentative, counterfactual, contingent, depending on, provisory, provisional, qualified, dependant on, probationary, provisionary, dependent on.
provisional (noun)
subject, modified by conditions, not absolute, granted on certain terms, restricted, subject to, conditioned, restrictive, relying on, guarded.


limiting (verb)

Other synonyms:

feminine, declarative, grammatical, Frequentative, deictic, reliant. inflected, conditioned. relative. subject. complex. compound. provisional

Usage examples for conditional

  1. All the following expressions are conditional – The English Language by Robert Gordon Latham
  2. Under this impression they sought to impose restrictions on the migration of expirees and the holders of conditional pardons. – The History of Tasmania, Volume I (of 2) by John West
  3. Don't take a conditional order! – Tales of the Road by Charles N. Crewdson