Synonyms for Botch:


fall short, let down, slip up, miss. botch (noun)
boo-boo, bloomer, blow, bollocks up, botch up, fuckup, foul up, spoil, fluff, bollix, mishandle, bobble, ball up, flub, bumble, fumble, mess up, screw up, louse up, blunder, bollix up, fuck up, bungle, muck up, bollocks, blooper.
bungle (noun)
wreck, put out of whack, execute clumsily, make a hash of, misapply, distort, fall down, do unskillfully, be mistaken, do clumsily, pull a boner, Misreckon, goof up, flounder, Miscompute, make a mess of, trip-up, mutilate, Misconjecture, destroy, fail, ruin.
faux pas (noun)


blunder (verb)
err, boggle, mess up, miscalculate, ruin, distort, wreck, bobble, misapply, stumble, mar, goof up, louse up, muck up, misconstrue, Miscompute, muddle, spoil, pull a boner, screw up, mishandle, misjudge, bumble, mess, bollix, bungle, fall down, flub, gum up, Misconjecture, mutilate, fumble, flounder, blow.
derange (verb)
disarrange, disorganize, roil, roughen, clutter, confound, confuse, muddle, ruffle, disturb, toss, whisk, misplace, jumble, hash, ferment, perturb, swirl, upset, muss, trouble, dislocate, ripple, whip, scramble, churn, displace, capsize, tumble, derange, scatter, rumple, mess, blur, disorder, rummage, tousle, meddle, mislay, discompose, mix up, convulse, dishevel, agitate.
disable (verb)
hamper, undermine, disable, deaden, disarm, screw up, handicap, dull, hinder, abrogate, neutralize, invalidate, vitiate, paralyze, scotch, sap, tamper, anesthetize, lame, hamstring, hobble, impair, weaken, prostrate, benumb, cramp, enfeeble, cripple, incapacitate, stun, stupefy.
err (verb)
mar, blunder, misconceive, goof, slip, trip, fluff, err, misestimate, bungle, misconstrue, misjudge, stumble, miscalculate.

Other synonyms:

gum up. snafu, boggle. foul-up
foul up.
mess up.