Synonyms for Crust:


skin, membrane, rind, surface, coat, cover, blanket, paint, layer. outside, mince pie, choux pastry, cobbler, flaky pastry, pastry, covering, phyllo, pasty, flan, coating, apple pie. audaciousness, uppityness, crusty, bakery, leavened, brazenness, audacity, disrespect, discourtesy, pushiness, overconfidence, incivility, presumptuousness, chutzpah, forwardness, face, boldness, Familiarity, effrontery, nerve, brashness, nerviness, Impudency, knead, uppishness, attitude, sauce, sassiness, brass, assumption, rudeness, poppyseed, courtesy, leaven, bake. geology, floor, geological, faultline, continental drift, continental shelf, aquifer, geography, fault. bread (noun)
scone, rusk, crumb, toast, croutons, rye bread, donut, griddlecake, bun, banana bread, whole grain bread, hard roll, dumpling, tortilla, yeast, roll, bagel, white-bread, brown bread, breakfast roll, whole wheat bread, dough, sweet bun, corn bread, waffle, pumpernickel, pancake, sliced bread, sweet roll, zwieback, croissant, biscuit, baguette, flapjack, bread, muffin, flour, cracker, pita bread, raisin bread, loaf, bread-stick, taco.
covering (noun)
rind, coating.
crust (noun)
incrustation, gall, impudence, insolence, earth's crust, encrustation, cheekiness, impertinence, freshness.
discourtesy (noun)
object (noun)
earth's crust, encrustation, incrustation.
shell (noun)
plate, case, Lorication, shell, sheathing, husk, hull, sheath, armor, carapace, casing.
skin (noun)
skin, rind.
stiff outer layer; coating (noun)
outside, encrustation, surface, skin, shell, layer, incrustation, rind, coat, covering, hull.
uppishness (noun)
uppityness (noun)

Other synonyms:

presumptuousness, brazenness, phyllo, chutzpah, bakery, poppyseed, nerviness, pasty, uppityness, incivility, apple pie, faultline, pastry, leavened, Impudency, pushiness, choux pastry, flaky pastry, uppishness, sassiness, continental shelf, overconfidence, cobbler, continental drift. discourtesy, brashness, crusty, flan, bake, forwardness, leaven, effrontery, coat, audaciousness. sauce, nerve, brass, boldness, disrespect, audacity, geography. Familiarity. fault, assumption. floor, face. Other relevant words:
insolence, pastry, earth's crust, uppishness, brazenness, leavened, boldness, cover, sassiness, Familiarity, bakery, uppityness, phyllo, nerviness, coat, nerve, pushiness, overconfidence, flan, geography, assumption, layer, floor, audaciousness, leaven, rind, outside, coating, audacity, discourtesy, impertinence, face, poppyseed, encrustation, incrustation, impudence, crusty, covering, presumptuousness, forwardness, brass, surface, cheekiness, sauce, gall, Impudency, brashness, chutzpah, bake, effrontery, incivility, disrespect, pasty, skin, fault, rudeness, freshness.

Usage examples for crust

  1. And all that day he would not stir a step from Bellerophon's side; so they ate a crust of bread together, and drank some of the water of the fountain. – Journeys Through Bookland V2 by Charles H. Sylvester
  2. Presently he put out his hand and broke the ice- crust above. – The Magnetic North by Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)