Synonyms for Translation:


key, borrowing, pony, rewording, anglicism, archaism, acrostic, clue, americanism, Metaphrase, gloss, Arabism, chant, paraphrase, anagram, crib, catch-all, plug. false beginner, fluent, code switching, communicative competence, fidelity, words, fluency, bilingual, encode, anglophone. transubstantiation, metamorphosis, changeover, change, transmogrification, mutation, conversion, transfiguration. act (noun)
change (noun)
transubstantiation, transmogrification, transfiguration.
communication (noun)
version, rendering, Interlingual Rendition.
interpretation (noun)
decoding, analysis, restatement, comment, elucidation, rendition, explanation, facsimile, interpretation, rephrasing, decipherment, Paraphrasing, transcription, commentary, version, condensation.
rewording; interpretation (noun)
Metaphrase, crib, decoding, restatement, paraphrase, rephrasing, elucidation, key, rendering, transcription, gloss, version, explanation, rendition.
translation (noun)
rendering, Interlingual Rendition, version, displacement, transformation.

Other synonyms:

transmogrification, conversion, changeover. transfiguration, metamorphosis, transubstantiation, gloss. mutation. digest

Usage examples for translation

  1. A translation of this is in preparation. – An Interpretation of Rudolf Eucken's Philosophy by W. Tudor Jones
  2. And language, the translation of thought, should be just as living. – Laughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic by Henri Bergson