Synonyms for Expression:


average, deviation, abacus, cast, binomial, character, calculation, approximation, algorithm, countdown, decimal place, computational. rendition, composition, clue, interpretation, narration, acrostic, utterance, chant, invention, americanism, borrowing, anagram, elucidation, anglicism, wording, illustration, verbalization, diction, diagnosis, representation, commentary, explanation, definition, catch-all, creation, exposition, archaism, articulation, Arabism. imperative, twang, croak, word, break, cadence, tremor, inflection, quaver. eloquence, affect, mask, long face, glare, frown, eye, emotion. statement, vocalization, words, voice. eloquentness, Facundity, expressivity, articulacy, expressiveness, articulateness. depiction, show, description, portrayal, delineation. gesture, indication, token, sign. term. countenance, visage, express. appearance (noun)
articulation (noun)
attribute (noun)
aspect, face, look, facial expression.
communication (noun)
manifestation, reflexion, reflection.
demonstration (noun)
disclosure (noun)
dissemination, broadcasting, testimony, disclosure, revelation, advertisement, assertion, proclamation, declaration, announcement, communication, Divulging, confession, exhibition.
expression (noun)
face, formula, facial expression, manifestation, construction, locution, reflexion, look, aspect, reflection, saying, grammatical construction, formulation.
facial appearance (noun)
pout, countenance, sneer, mug, smirk, aspect, character, smile, look, cast, face, visage, grin, simper.
figure of speech (noun)
turn of phrase.
manifestation (noun)
display, exposure, proof, embodiment, appearance, discernibility, materialization, showing, incarnation, symptom, manifestation, staging, unfolding, presentation, evidence, demonstration.
phrase (noun)
phraseology, paragraph, mannerism, metaphor, adage, idiom, maxim, Verbalism, catchphrase, slogan, motto, figure of speech, proverb, sentence, terminology, cliche, clause, euphemism, phrase, epigram, locution.
verbalization (noun)
communication, elucidation, word, definition, statement, diction, language, phraseology, exposition, turn of phrase, formulation, declaration, locution, assertion, speech, articulation, idiom, explanation, rendition, term, interpretation, commentary, voice, utterance, announcement, phrase, verbalization, narration.
word (noun)

Other synonyms:

expressiveness, term, verbalization, Facundity, articulacy, depiction, eloquence, eloquentness, articulateness, long face, expressivity. representation, indication, networking, portrayal, frown, cadence. quaver, token, glare, visage, statement, twang, vocalization. description, sign, delineation, voice, articulation, croak, interchange, gesture, imperative. mask. eye, channel. show. break. declaration
look, countenance.

Usage examples for expression

  1. The young man sat down on the floor, and looked at me with the most frank, honest, and open expression as if perfectly unconscious that he was doing anything wrong. – Incidents of Travel in Greece, Turkey, Russia, and Poland, Vol. I (of 2) by John Lloyd Stephens
  2. The expression is perhaps a little strong. – The Intriguers by William Le Queux