Synonyms for Euphemism:


anagram, borrowing, acrostic, anglicism, catch-all, americanism, Arabism, chant, archaism, clue. equivocation, shuffle, ambiguity, hedge, Equivoque, clear, weasel word, tergiversation, prevarication, waffle. equivocation (noun)
euphemism (noun)
genteelism, polite term.
phrase (noun)
expression, adage, proverb, clause, figure of speech, epigram, idiom, metaphor, mannerism, locution, motto, cliche, maxim, paragraph, Verbalism, catchphrase, terminology, slogan, phrase, sentence, phraseology.
substitution (noun)
nice-nellyism, affected refinement, overdelicacy of speech, softened expression, doublespeak, polite term, prudishness, indirection, code word, metaphorical speech, mock modesty, word in good taste, genteelism, verbal extenuation.

Other synonyms:

weasel word. prevarication, Equivoque, tergiversation, equivocation. ambiguity. hedge. shuffle. Other relevant words:
hedge, tergiversation, ambiguity, prevarication, code word, equivocation, Equivoque, waffle, shuffle, weasel word.

Usage examples for euphemism

  1. " No, no; nothing of that kind," I answered with a smile as I interpreted the euphemism for " something unpleasant," in the case of a young and reasonably presentable medical man is ordinarily the equivalent of trouble with the female of his species. – The Mystery of 31 New Inn by R. Austin Freeman