Synonyms for Plainness:


clear, pellucidness, Lucidness, Limpidness, pellucidity, limpidity. simpleness, unostentatiousness, plain. artlessness (noun)
candor, unartfulness, naivete, un-artificiality, openness, naturalness, candidness, callowness, directness, sincerity, unaffectedness, straightforwardness, plain-spokenness, artlessness, frankness, unsophistication, bluntness, honesty, broadness, trust, genuineness.
clarity (noun)
Lucidness, intelligibility, clearness, Limpidness, comprehensibility, legibility, openness, simplicity, purity, lucidity, distinctness, perceptibility, pellucidity, perspicuousness, evidence, limpidity, pellucidness, perspicuity, directness.
humility (noun)
humility, humbleness, modesty, sheepishness, contrition, unassumingness, unpretentiousness, meekness, submissiveness, selflessness, unobtrusiveness.
innocence (noun)
unaffectedness, unsophistication, candidness, innocence.
intelligibility (noun)
crispness, perspicuity, legibility, comprehensibility, understandability, lucidity, intelligibility, consistency, coherence.
modesty (noun)
simpleness, unpretentiousness, unostentatiousness, humbleness, unassumingness.
plainness (noun)
perspicuity, perspicuousness, homeliness.
prose (noun)
fiction, serial, allegory, epic, tale, account, narrative, yarn, chronicle, novella, parable, short story, recount, romance, novel, story, legend, fable, storyline, episode, anecdote, myth, prose, plot, scenario, reading matter, retelling, reminiscence, prosaicness, saga.
simplicity (noun)
chastity, austerity, refinement, singleness, purity, terseness, clarity, spareness, bareness, innocence, crystallinity, simplicity, baldness.
tastelessness (noun)
mildness, banality, blandness, tastelessness, insipidity, staleness, weakness, vapidity, flatness, unsavoriness.
ugliness (noun)
hideousness, abhorrence, repugnant, shapelessness, odiousness, unsightliness, homeliness, ugliness, grotesqueness, inelegance, displeasingness, repulsiveness, disagreeableness.
visibility (noun)
evidence, discernibility, perceptibility, clearness, observability, visibility, manifestation, distinctness, apparentness.

Other synonyms:

simpleness, Lucidness, pellucidity, pellucidness, unostentatiousness, limpidity, Limpidness.

Usage examples for plainness

  1. Oh, yes, my dear madam, you think he is very ill, and- pray excuse my plainness in your motherly eyes he appears to be wasting away. – The Star-Gazers by George Manville Fenn
  2. What is looked for in his narrative is not elegance, but plainness – A Peep into Toorkisthhan by Rollo Burslem
  3. The gray travelling dress, in spite of its plainness was very tasteful and met the requirements of fashion. – The Sign of Flame by E. Werner