Synonyms for Cordiality:


agreeability, pleasantness, good, attitude, congenialness, amiableness, amenity, sociableness, Genialness, warmth, Cordialness. affability (noun)
warmth, courtesy, friendship.
amenity (noun)
cheerfulness (noun)
complaisance, happiness, cheer, cheerfulness, buoyancy, good humor, bonhomie, Jolliness, jauntiness, agreeableness, joyfulness, pleasance, friendliness, sunniness, easygoingness, lightheartedness, congeniality, merriness, Cheeriness, gaiety, affability, warmness.
cordiality (noun)
courtesy (noun)
friendliness, sociability (noun)
geniality, heartiness, agreeableness, affability, pleasantness, warmth, amiability, amenity, agreeability.
friendship (noun)
good manners (noun)
mildness (noun)
charity, liberalness, open-mindedness, meekness, quietness, forbearance, clemency, laxity, moderateness, insipidity, kindness, tenderness, gentleness, benevolence, liberality, benignity, acceptance, mildness, liberty, evenness, permissiveness, broad-mindedness, amiability, latitude, peaceableness, geniality, easiness, moderation, softness, tolerance, libertarianism, lenience.
sociability (noun)
sociability, Chattiness, heartiness, amicability, conviviality, vivaciousness, companionability, gregariousness, graciousness, garrulousness, folksiness, Courteousness, hospitality, gabbiness, neighborliness, talkativeness.

Other synonyms:

Cordialness, agreeability, sociableness, pleasantness, Genialness, courtesy, congenialness, amiableness. friendship, warmth. amenity. Other relevant words:
amity, agreeability, warmth, pleasantness, congenialness, friendship, Cordialness, amenity, sociableness, amiableness, courtesy, Genialness.

Usage examples for cordiality

  1. He pleaded business soon, and the two men parted with cordiality – The Woman in Black by Edmund Clerihew Bentley
  2. It was certainly with no excess of cordiality that a few minutes later she greeted her guest. – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell
  3. Eirik received him with the utmost cordiality saying he had done well to come there. – Eirik the Red's Saga by Anonymous