Synonyms for Garnish:


monetize, cash in, collect, recover, claim back, earn, appropriate. convenience food, base, comfort food, carbohydrate, beautiful, baby food, creole, dairy, aphrodisiac, confectionery. butcher, beat, carve, blend, blanch, chill, butchery, butter, bake, bone. accompaniment (noun)
brother, lieutenant, consort, addition, adornment, extra, extension, accompaniment, appendage, secondary, adjunct, appendix, accessory, auxiliary, companion, addendum, ornament, attachment, appurtenance, fixture.
covering (noun)
embellishment, improvement (noun)
tinsel, decoration, gingerbread, trim, trimming, ornament, adornment.
garnish (noun)
trim, dress.
ornament (noun)
button, gaudiness, gingerbread, gewgaw, emblem, filling, decoration, frill, Emblazonment, foofaraw, trimming, embroidery, enrichment, finery, badge, flourish, tinsel.
trimming (noun)
topping, embellishment.


accompany (verb)
add, supplement, attend, adorn, escort, affix, second, attach, chaperone, accessorize, convoy, accompany.
creation (verb)
trim, dress.
embellish, improve (verb)
decorate, adorn, bedeck, enhance.
improve (verb)
better, renovate, enhance, correct, progress, elaborate, refine, embellish, further, upgrade, improve, advance.
ornament (verb)
prettify, decorate, crown, dandify, festoon, bedeck, emblazon, bedizen, gild, enrich, trim.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
beautiful, blanch, earn, dairy, monetize, chill, appropriate, bone, embellishment, butter, collect, bake, beat, confectionery, dress, carbohydrate, aphrodisiac, butchery, carve, recover, butcher, creole, blend, topping, base.

Usage examples for garnish

  1. Then they stood still near the flower shrubs which were placed round about the hall to garnish it, and it might have been weened from their demeanor that they had quarrelled and had come to high words. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers