Synonyms for Embroidery:


applique, cross-stitch, darning, chain stitch, darn, mending, needlepoint, alteration. embroidery (noun)
embellishment, fancywork.
exaggeration (noun)
fabrication, overestimation, hyperbole.
fancy stitching (noun)
decoration, needlework, needlepoint, tracery, adornment, cross-stitch.
needlepoint (noun)
ornament (noun)
emblem, Emblazonment, gaudiness, decoration, finery, filling, garnish, trimming, frill, badge, gewgaw, flourish, adornment, trim, foofaraw, tinsel, enrichment, button, gingerbread, ornament.
overestimation (noun)
distortion, exaggeration, overestimation, embellishment, hyperbola, overvaluation, over-appraisal, aggrandizement.
stitchery (noun)
edging, tracery, needlework.

Other synonyms:

chain stitch, needlepoint, darning, mending, cross-stitch, applique, darn. alteration. fancywork
fancywork, needlework.
Other relevant words:
needlepoint, adornment, edging, applique, darn, tracery, fancywork, cross-stitch, hyperbole, needlework.

Usage examples for embroidery

  1. You will remember I was interested in the Indian embroidery – The Cattle-Baron's Daughter by Harold Bindloss
  2. The bridal dress alone, a blaze of blue silk and lace and gold embroidery costs between six hundred and a thousand francs. – Old Calabria by Norman Douglas