Synonyms for Adjunct:


all (adjective)
accessory, auxiliary, appurtenant, adjuvant, ancillary.
relational (adjective)
kindred, akin, ancillary, consanguine, blood, affiliated, germane, connected, supplemental, analogous, relevant, correlative, related, dependent, attendant, associated, auxiliary, pertinent, coincident, concomitant.


allophone, antecedent, allomorph, clause, collocate, case, accusative, cleft sentence, article. non-issue, nothing, irrelevance, Minutiae, inessentials, trivia, detail, dead wood, stuff. ceremonial, collaborative, collegiate, clerical, antisocial, cooperative, casual. accompaniment (noun)
addition, secondary, appurtenance, adornment, ornament, attachment, companion, appendage, fixture, appendix, accompaniment, addendum, brother, garnish, extension, consort.
addition; help (noun)
appendage, subordinate, accessory, appendix, partner, auxiliary, associate, detail, addendum, appurtenance.
adjunct (noun)
ancillary, supportive, accessory, appurtenant, subsidiary, low-level, auxiliary, subordinate, adjuvant, assistant.
assistant (noun)
attendant, patsy, backer, acolyte, attorney, Aider, junior, stooge, accomplice, laborer, chaperone, assistant, employee, accessory, aide-de-camp, proxy, menial, helper, abettor, lieutenant, extra, helpmate, agent, ancillary, deputy, associate, auxiliary, henchman, second, partner, functionary, underling, minion, servant, flunky, aide, subordinate, hireling, follower, benefactor.
augmentation (noun)
augmentation, increase, inflation, enlargement, amalgamation, swelling, annex.
follower (noun)

Other synonyms:

antecedent, dead wood, clause, antisocial, cleft sentence, collaborative, collocate, article, Minutiae, ceremonial, accusative, allomorph, collegiate, inessentials, nothing, non-issue. trivia, irrelevance, stuff, detail, allophone, clerical. cooperative. case. casual. Other relevant words:
adjuvant, collaborative, detail, inessentials, low-level, collocate, antisocial, casual, accusative, trivia, cooperative, Minutiae, supportive, case, appurtenant, irrelevance, subsidiary, clerical, collaborator, nothing, allophone, allomorph, clause, collegiate, antecedent, non-issue, ceremonial, article, stuff.

Usage examples for adjunct

  1. 15. Few, perhaps, have reflected seriously on the large sums required for the establishment of the Catholic Church in so vast a country, with all her adjunct institutions; therefore the stupendous result has scarcely struck those who have witnessed and lived in the midst of it. – Irish Race in the Past and the Present by Aug. J. Thebaud
  2. Deprived of this adjunct business falls off to an alarming extent. – Commercialized Prostitution in New York City by George Jackson Kneeland
  3. If with these he has a due appreciation of his responsibility as an adjunct to the sport, and is also in proper accord with his principal, he will give ready support to the claim that the duck is mortally wounded, at the same time shrewdly and with apparent depression suggesting the improbability of recovering the slain. – Fishing and Shooting Sketches by Grover Cleveland