Synonyms for Nurture:


brotherly, abusive, demeaning, conveyor belt, indulgent, exploitative, light touch, lenient, nurturance, ingratiating. contribute, pap, grub, meat, provision, nourishment, help, make for, eats, sustenance, diet, chow, Esculent, food, nutriment, edible, bread, assist, provender, victual, pabulum, get past, ingestion, foodstuff, comestible, nutrition, fare. custody, hothouse, rein, potty-train, the empty nest, custodial. eke out, string out, draw out, perpetuate, hold over, prolongation, spin out, drag out. aliment (noun)
attribute (noun)
rearing, raising.
childhood (noun)
development, nourishment (noun)
diet, provender, subsistence, feed, food, rearing, care, upbringing, sustenance, breeding, nutriment.
food (noun)
nourishment (noun)
nutriment, pabulum, sustenance, subsistence, food.
nurture (noun)
bringing up, rearing, foster, nourish, raise, bring up, fostering, rear, sustain, breeding, fosterage, parent, upbringing, raising.
training (noun)


communication (verb)
feed (verb)
feed, sustain, nurse, cater to, nourish, wine and dine, suckle, fatten, breast-feed.
feed, care for (verb)
foster, bring up, nurse, nourish, raise, sustain, rear.

Other synonyms:

foodstuff, the empty nest, custody, provender, pap, victual, get past, chow. custodial, meat, nutriment, eats, food, nourishment, contribute, pabulum, nutrition, assist, make for. diet, help, rein, hothouse, bread. provision. fare. feed
cater to.
Other relevant words:
comestible, rear, bringing up, pabulum, custodial, raise, custody, foster, edible, ingestion, bread, indulgent, ingratiating, prolongation, subsistence, perpetuate, provender, contribute, exploitative, lenient, breeding, nourishment, meat, parent, chow, demeaning, rein, foodstuff, care, abusive, fosterage, help, raising, victual, Esculent, eats, light touch, hothouse, food, nutriment, provision, fare, nutrition, rearing, pap, diet, nurturance, upbringing, grub, brotherly, assist, fostering, bring up, sustenance.

Usage examples for nurture

  1. These instructors supply the Lord's nurture to multitudes of children, in whose homes Christian faith and example are wanting. – The Expositor's Bible: Ephesians by G. G. Findlay
  2. She was the eldest of a family of ten, and had always assisted her mother in the management of a half- crown house and the nurture of a regiment of infants. – Hilda Lessways by Arnold Bennett
  3. But in spite of an immensely improved technique, no one would be likely to claim that there are settled conclusions which enable us to set apart nature from nurture and abstract the native character from the acquired. – Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann