Synonyms for Complicate:


exacerbate, inflame, escalate, make matters/things worse, do more harm than good, aggravate, worsen, add fuel to the fire/flames. complicate (noun)
perplex, elaborate, refine, rarify.
involve (noun)
jumble, mix up, obfuscate, darken, muddle, snarl up, twist, embellish, bedevil, obscure, make various, make multiform, make intricate, compound, make complex, render unintelligible, convolute, tie in knots, conceal, knot, make difficult, ball up.


change (verb)
complicate (verb)
confuse, confound, perplex, involve.
confuse, make difficult (verb)
handicap, twist, convolute, ravel, make intricate, obscure, confound, entangle, perplex, jumble, involve, snag, bedevil, elaborate, muddle, snarl up, impede, tangle, render unintelligible, mix up, clog.
hinder (verb)
crimp, interrupt, bottleneck, dam, bung, stop, burden, clog, oppose, catch, frustrate, check, constipate, mire, deter, obstruct, drag, impair, block, foul, cramp, paralyze, restrain, constrain, thwart, hamstring, restrict, handicap, baffle, bar, hinder, snag, encumber, cripple, impede, hamper, snarl, stay, curb, resist, entangle, congest, detain, inhibit, counter, jam, tangle, brake, fetter, entrap, delay, choke, plug.

Other synonyms:

obfuscate. escalate, inflame, defy, ravel, aggravate. deepen, obscure, compound. aggravate
Other relevant words:
obfuscate, render unintelligible, jumble, knot, obscure, rarify, ball up, conceal, exacerbate, deepen, twist, convolute, ravel, refine, make complex, embellish, escalate, confound, elaborate, make difficult, muddle, defy, make intricate, bedevil, aggravate.

Usage examples for complicate

  1. It would complicate the problem of finding her, but at least he could assure himself she was safe. – The Cartels Jungle by Irving E. Cox, Jr.