Synonyms for Amalgamate:


all (adjective)
amalgamated, consolidated, fused, coalesced.


contract out, admix, intermingle, BROS, demerger, stir, buy out, Demerge, amalgamation. amalgamate (noun)
consolidated, amalgamated, fused, unify, united, mingle, commix, mix, coalesced.
mixture (noun)
concoction, brew, medley, blend, meld, paste, admixture, compound, decoction, mongrel, hybrid, commixture, stew, emulsion, amalgam, combination, mash, composite, elixir, alloy, Interfusion, composition, blending, infusion, potpourri, mix, merger, mixture, intermixture, conglomeration.


blend (verb)
compound, ally, incorporate, intermix, fuse, merge, consolidate, combine, meld, mingle, admix, alloy.
combine (verb)
concoct, combine, conglomerate, compose, fuse, incorporate, assemble, infuse.
contact (verb)
commix, mix, unify, mingle.
join (verb)
bond, splice, ally, wed, juxtapose, couple, connect, marry, affix, relate, attach, adhere, cling, join, consolidate, affiliate, annex, merge, abut.
mix (verb)
mingle, intermix, decoct.

Other synonyms:

amalgamation, demerger, Demerge, BROS, buy out, contract out, admix. stir, intermingle. mix
admix, commix, intermix, blend.

Usage examples for amalgamate

  1. Similar proposals have repeatedly been worked out by us, as, for example, the proposal to amalgamate the whole shrapnel industry of the United States. – My Three Years in America by Johann Heinrich Andreas Hermann Albrecht Graf von Bernstorff
  2. In the House of Lords, Lord Bristol, who brought the question forward, denounced " this identification of a judge with the executive government as injurious to the judicial character, subversive of the liberty of the people, and having a direct and alarming tendency to blend and amalgamate those great elementary principles of political power which it is the very object of a free constitution to keep separate and distinct." – The Constitutional History of England From 1760 to 1860 by Charles Duke Yonge