Synonyms for Beset:


hold back, inhibit, throttle, bring up against, embarrass, let down, disadvantage, burden, count against. strike, have at, aggress, go at, sail into, pitch into, fall on, light into. invest, blockade, siege. hound, bedevil, pester, Importune, solicit, badger. feelings, pain, torment, tease, annoy, worry, bait. ring, girdle, hem, hedge, surround, gird, begird, environ, open, encompass, compass, circle, encircle. beset (noun)
harry, chivy, harass, hassle, set upon, plague, encrust, chivvy, provoke, chevy, incrust, chevvy.
besiege (noun)
study at attack.


emotion (verb)
chivy, harass, hassle, plague, chivvy, harry, chevy, chevvy, provoke.
plague; hem in (verb)
encircle, fall on, strike, compass, girdle, badger, surround, hassle, harass, encompass, pester, harry, aggress, ring, bedevil, circle, environ, embarrass.

Other synonyms:

bedevil, aggress, environ. hedge, hem, surround, tease, encircle, pester, begird, badger, Importune. encompass, annoy, solicit, hound. girdle, gird, worry, siege. strike. invest. aggress
go at.

Usage examples for beset

  1. Doubts and longings did not beset her. – Hilda Lessways by Arnold Bennett
  2. Philosopher Jack from that time forth devoted himself heartily to study, and gradually ceased to think of the golden dreams which had for so long a time beset him by night and by day. – Philosopher Jack by R.M. Ballantyne
  3. During the afternoon I was beset with doubts and uneasiness. – Sight Unseen by Mary Roberts Rinehart