Synonyms for Dwarf:


miniature, tiny (adjective)
diminutive, low, small.
stunted (adjective)
peewee, dwarfish.


aquatic, aromatic, androgynous, bare, algal, barren, bushy, arboreal, creeping, biennial, diminutive, low. black hole, restrain, arrest, comet, dark matter, cosmic dust, stunt, cluster, constellation, asteroid, antimatter, the Big Dipper, hinder, celestial object. cabbage, enhance, hunchback, detract from, magnify, intensify, madman, cripple, backward, madwoman, imbecile, minimize, humpback, belittle, lunatic. lessen, teensy, pintsize, wee, downgrade, teeny, understate, big, teensy-weensy, teeny-weeny, peewee, minuscule, pintsized, minute, lilliputian, play down, pygmy, trivialize, weeny, downplay, miniature, tiny. bogey, bogeyman, boogeyman, bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, creature, bunyip, chimera, centaur. condense, constrict, let down, compact, scale back, shrivel, thin, shrink, reduce. dwarf (noun)
gnome, overshadow, nanus, dwarfish, little, shadow, small, midget.
evil spirit (noun)
freak, ghoul, satyr, ogre, monster, dragon, Genie, hellcat, archfiend, daemon, hell hound, gnome, sprite, imp, incubus, beast, siren, demon, hell-raiser, vampire, fiend, hellion, hobgoblin, lamia, Nixie, succubus, sylph, spirit, specter, nymph, werewolf, goblin.
person (noun)
nanus, midget.
very small person (noun)
midget, lilliputian.


minimize (verb)
hinder, stunt, detract from, belittle, overshadow.
stative (verb)
shadow, overshadow.

Other synonyms:

hunchback, pintsized, madman, cabbage, peewee, teensy, madwoman, teensy-weensy, pintsize, weeny, minuscule, teeny, teeny-weeny, imbecile, scale back, humpback. creeping, constrict, lunatic, tiny, lilliputian, wee, diminutive. condense, cripple, reduce. shrivel. shrink, backward. let down, compact. thin. bantam
Other relevant words:
belittle, minute, pintsized, low, arboreal, nanus, diminutive, creeping, boogeyman, shrivel, understate, biennial, asteroid, centaur, overshadow, constellation, condense, chimera, hinder, pygmy, compact, pintsize, lunatic, hunchback, backward, bogeyman, magnify, antimatter, lessen, restrain, bushy, creature, bogey, teensy, humpback, constrict, aromatic, thin, arrest, algal, downplay, minuscule, play down, midget, trivialize, intensify, madman, teeny, downgrade, teeny-weeny, stunt, peewee, shadow, bunyip, cluster, little, madwoman, barren, teensy-weensy, small, bare, cripple, bigfoot, lilliputian, comet, dwarfish, wee, tiny, weeny, detract from, shrink, miniature, minimize, enhance, reduce, androgynous, cabbage, aquatic, imbecile.

Usage examples for dwarf

  1. When the Dwarf heard her whispered request, he smiled on her very kindly. – The Fairies and the Christmas Child by Lilian Gask
  2. The dwarf did not wait for an answer. – The Book of Dragons by Edith Nesbit
  3. I stooped down, and the dwarf climbed on my shoulders. – The Birthright by Joseph Hocking