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puppet - 58 results
Other synonyms:

figurine, cat's-paw, follower, stooge, pecker, manikin, beast, marionette, creature, chameleon, animate being, fauna, doll, servant, brute, tool, peter, victim, doormat, golliwog, pawn, action figure, glove puppet, paper tiger, poppet, moppet, pygmy, instrument, softie, worm, animal, wight, dick, golly, prick, weed, dolly, cock, shaft, yes man, hand puppet, putz, over, rag doll, zero, lay figure, bear.

Examples of usage:

Self- determination seemed to have been taken from him and with fierce resentment he saw himself as merely a pawn in the game of life; a puppet to fulfil, not his own will, but the will of a greater power than his. - "The Shadow of the East", E. M. Hull.

You thought me so conceited and greedy that I would jump at the chance to become a puppet, a manager in name only, without any real authority or control. - "Lefty Locke Pitcher-Manager", Burt L. Standish.

The originality of a comic artist is thus expressed in the special kind of life he imparts to a mere puppet. - "Laughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic", Henri Bergson.

Similar words:

puppet play, puppet show, hand puppet, glove puppet, Puppets, puppy, puppy love, mud puppy, hush puppy.

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