Synonyms for Scrub:


broom, coca, buddleia, blackthorn, dogwood, azalea, gorse, fuchsia, hibiscus, forsythia. forget, hold back, forgo, back out, pull back, back down, knock something on the head, cry off, think better of something, put on. polish, detoxification, purification, treatment. dwarf (noun)
puny, diminutive, little.
inferior (noun)
poor, mediocre, second-rate, unimportant.
scrub (noun)
unimproved, scrub up, cur, bush, chaparral, mixed, scouring, scrubbing, scour, underbred, mongrel, crossbred.


chafe (verb)
disturb, abrade, resist, grate, aggravate, rub, wear, irritate, chafe, rasp, fret, harass, grind, scrape.
clean (verb)
order, neaten, purge, purify, cleanse, clean, filter, Disinfect, sanitize, sweep, tidy, wipe, wash, launder, clear, sterilize.
clean with force (verb)
abrade, scour, polish, rub, wash, cleanse.
contact (verb)

Other synonyms:

wash off. hose down, detoxification, purification, flush out. swill, treatment. polish. clean
Other relevant words:
bush, broom, scouring, mixed, cur, detoxification, poor, scrubbing, unimportant, puny, crossbred, purification, chaparral, flush out, scrub up, little, unimproved, swab, diminutive, put on, mongrel, polish, scour, underbred.

Usage examples for scrub

  1. The scrub was all about them; everything was very still and quiet in the afternoon hush. – A Little Bush Maid by Mary Grant Bruce
  2. With you to preach the sermon and your wife to scrub – Candida by George Bernard Shaw
  3. I love the scrub and but for them would like to wander in it all day. – Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield