Synonyms for Wreck:


suppress, ruination, interfere with, shut off, stamp out, cut into, hold back, squeeze out, kill off, demolition, destruction, sabotage. break down, hulk, accident, bang up, litter, ruins, blowout, car crash, blindside, junk, skeleton, broadside, aquaplane, Rattletrap, relic. anorexic, case, amnesiac, diabetic, agoraphobe, depressive, sinking, bed-blocker, the critical list, asthmatic. condemn, pull down, pileup, knock-down, gut. cripple, washout, shadow, mess, scrub, consumptive, invalid, incurable, clunker, heap, jalopy. smashup, crackup. money. debris, rubble. destruction (noun)
event (noun)
havoc (noun)
remains (noun)
ruin (noun)
breakdown, debacle, apocalypse, landslide, shipwreck, failure, ruin, wreckage, break up, collision.
severe damage or severely damaged goods (noun)
litter, hulk, jalopy, waste, wreckage, devastation, mess, shipwreck, debacle, smashup, debris, heap, relic, ruin, crash, ruins, junk, destruction.
wreck (noun)
shipwreck, crash, wrack, bust up.


damage (verb)
Depredate, ravage, wreak havoc, spoil, waste, damage, pillage, vandalize, ransack, despoil, mar, rend.
destroy (verb)
decimate, destroy, lay waste, raze, annihilate, exterminate, demolish, devastate, eradicate, dismantle, rip to shreds, vaporize, extirpate, atomize, level, abolish, flatten, desolate, bulldoze, smash, mow down, pulverize, tear down, disintegrate.
remains (verb)
ruin, destroy (verb)
smash, mar, devastate, spoil, cripple, sabotage, vandalize, ravage, scuttle, raze, demolish, wrack, founder, decimate.

Other synonyms:

destruction, jalopy, pileup, rubble, ruination, crackup, bane, shipwrecked, smashup. havoc, hulk, scupper. knock-down, devastation, scuttle, undoing. condemn, heap. gut. raise. bust-up
bust up.
lay waste.
bang up.
break down, pulverize, wrack.
pull down.
take apart

Usage examples for wreck

  1. Nothing remained for the widow, but to save what she could from the wreck of a property that had once been large, and go away to seek a new home for herself and her children. – Janet's Love and Service by Margaret M Robertson
  2. The man stopped, staring at the wreck upon the floor. – The Cattle-Baron's Daughter by Harold Bindloss
  3. But the prospect of the throne is between us- and shall I give that up and wreck the whole of this great national movement for her? – By Wit of Woman by Arthur W. Marchmont