Synonyms for File:


cookie, folder, bitstream, checksum, repository, backup, configuration file, batch file, ASCII file, access profile, pigeonhole, bitmap. lay out, layer, data, order, heap, arrange, organize, sort, pile, collate. handle, rasp, make the best of something, face, tackle, address, take something on board, do something, see about, deal with, steel, combat. bellows, bit, registered, applicator, blowtorch, adjustable wrench, cataloged, recorded, bradawl, box end wrench, blowlamp, Allen Wrench. queue, group, line, rank, row, string, amble, column, saunter, stroll, stray, tier, walk, stride, wander, trek, step, hike. charter, Annual Report, concept statement, Consent Form, blue book, certificate, confidentiality agreement, dossier, company report. cover, editorship, checkbook journalism, embed, circulation, contribute, citizen journalism, edit, backstory. chip away, flail, chase, crimp, cut, chop, card. cordon, procession, chain, flow, phalanx, crocodile, caravan. out-tray, cubbyhole, tray, desk organizer, out box, in-tray, drop-box, in box. aline (noun)
line, row, column, rank.
case (noun)
socket, rack, container, canister, crate, case, portfolio, bin, coffer, capsule, quiver, hutch, holster, cedar chest, box, sheath, chest, folio, crib, carton, scabbard, casket.
file (noun)
file away, filing cabinet, register, Indian File, charge, data file, single file, file cabinet, lodge.
folder (noun)
line (noun)
line, queue (noun)
row, rank, string, tier, column.
list (noun)
docket, book, diary, menu, inventory, calendar, blank-book, tabulate, repertory, invoice, itemization, thesaurus, digest, bill, store, recount, catalog, total, album, history, Bank book, scroll, check, notebook, logbook, dictionary, ledger, lexicon, detail, account, annals, pad, index, manifest, register, cash book, score, scrapbook, registry, Storybook, workbook, tablet, waybill, treasury, documentation, table, budget, annual, recording, census, schedule, enumeration, record, count, statement, log, collection, yearbook, daybook, summary, novel, journal, roll, list, tally, sum, chronicle, roster.
record (noun)
log, registry.
system of order, placement for ease of use (noun)
census, pigeonhole, index, portfolio, folder, record, list, book, dossier, notebook, docket, register, data, case, repository.
text file (noun)
data file.
tool (noun)
handsaw, scissors, crosscut saw, screwdriver, grapnel, emery wheel, hedge trimmer, claw hammer, chain saw, mallet, sickle, cold chisel, shovel, sledgehammer, radial arm saw, Bow-saw, table saw, lug wrench, ball-peen hammer, chisel, awl, lathe, axe, machete, posthole auger, pick, stapler, monkey wrench, jigsaw, saw, hoe, wrench, coping saw, back saw, snips, spoke shave, square, band saw, spade, jackknife, crowbar, tire iron, hammer, pliers, calipers, spanner, circular saw, bench drill, punch, plane, arc welder, gouge, hacksaw, knife, buzz saw, grindstone, shears, trowel, scroll saw, hatchet, scythe, auger, edger, pipe wrench, ripsaw, planer, level, tool, miter box, wrecking bar, pickax, drill, welder, Drill press, tin snips, keyhole saw, jointer, vise, wedge.


communication (verb)
list (verb)
document, audit, enumerate, itemize, Journalize, collect, note, summarize.
put in place, order (verb)
catalog, tabulate, arrange, document.
rub down, grind (verb)
level, rasp.

Other synonyms:

Indian file
Indian File.
out-tray, out box, in-tray, drop-box, in box, desk organizer, cordon. cubbyhole, string, tier, tray, queue, chip away. flail, procession, crocodile, pigeonhole. column. chop, chase, crimp. flow. rank. chain. card. arow
Other relevant words:
line, rank, file away, pigeonhole, column, rasp, row, tier, queue, string, arrange.

Usage examples for file

  1. This was easily accomplished, as all he had to do was to go the Express Office, get a key, file it up a little to make it look bright and new, and show it to Maroney as an earnest of his intentions in regard to Chase. – The Expressman and the Detective by Allan Pinkerton
  2. They walked in Indian file Hobson being the last of the line. – Six Months at the Cape by R.M. Ballantyne
  3. And now I must really be running away, and so must you; but I would advise you all to get copies of the paper and file them when you have read the remarkably full details. – The Eye of Osiris by R. Austin Freeman