Synonyms for Vise:


universal vise, adjustable wrench, blowlamp, bellows, Allen Wrench, bradawl, applicator, holder, blowtorch, swivel vise, box end wrench, bit. clamp (noun)
fastener (noun)
zipper, cincture, guy, clip, pin, cinch, catch, link, suture, seal, go-between, brace, fuse, paste, stitch, rabbet, knitting, mucilage, stay, binder, middleman, snap, belt, mediator, band, thread, closure, string, hinge, cleat, weld, twine, bolt, knot, medium, agent, coupling, clamp, bracket, button, connector, hasp, buckle, skewer, strap, clinch, tack, hitch, rivet, spike, Vinculum, hawser, bond, lace, tie, chain, grapnel, nail, staple, ligament, lock, cement, braid, cotter, fastening, glue, brad, clasp, bonding, anchor, hook, splice, binding, latch, fastener.
grip (noun)
prison (noun)
San Quentin, jail, fence, cooler, prison, pillory, bastille, pen, cell, irons, oubliette, keep, straight jacket, handcuff, jailhouse, confine, cage, pound, penitentiary, collar, reformatory, dungeon, gaol, tether, stockade, pinion, stronghold, coop, manacle, bridle, jug, brig, shackle, penal colony, Alcatraz, harness, lockup, reform school.
tool (noun)
posthole auger, claw hammer, keyhole saw, mallet, buzz saw, scissors, miter box, file, cold chisel, shears, gouge, axe, knife, awl, edger, spade, pipe wrench, spanner, scythe, scroll saw, ball-peen hammer, hoe, punch, jigsaw, emery wheel, saw, ripsaw, radial arm saw, hedge trimmer, tin snips, pick, plane, trowel, hatchet, hammer, chain saw, square, handsaw, circular saw, snips, sledgehammer, jointer, Bow-saw, hacksaw, grindstone, auger, chisel, spoke shave, bench drill, pliers, jackknife, lathe, lug wrench, machete, arc welder, monkey wrench, drill, pickax, wrench, coping saw, wedge, Drill press, crosscut saw, wrecking bar, band saw, tire iron, crowbar, sickle, back saw, shovel, stapler, welder, screwdriver, table saw, planer, tool, level, calipers.
vise (noun)
bench vise.

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Other relevant words:
bench vise.

Usage examples for vise

  1. The man in front turned to pass on, and Mr. Barnes darted forward to seize him, when, to his astonishment, he was himself held as in a vise by the man behind him. – An Artist in Crime by Rodrigues Ottolengui
  2. Any carpenter will be glad to sell you a vise which can be attached to the edge of the table. – Love Conquers All by Robert C. Benchley
  3. Instead she leaned over the counter and caught Betty's arm in a vise like grip. – The Road to Understanding by Eleanor H. Porter