Synonyms for Lay:


lay (adjective)
secular, nonprofessional.


be unused to (doing) something, unqualified, illiterate, untrained, uninitiated, untried, naive, unskilled, uneducated, inexperienced. think ahead, dream up, rise, map out, organize, orchestrate, draw up, finalize. masonry, assembly, fortification, construction, building, inter, development, inhume, assemblage, show, bury, entomb, develop. accredit, give, impute, settle, set out, ascribe, charge, attribute, credit, pile, refer, balance. spread, cycle, free verse, elegy, epigram, epic, blank verse, doggerel. christian, baptist, strategize, interdenominational, planned, ecumenical, conceive, plan, scheme, devise, blueprint, evangelical, design, project, formulate, chart, church, ecclesiastical, dope out, charismatic, born-again, work out, contrive. words, flop, down, law, cite, allege, fall, cuddle up, curl up, hunker down, adduce, bed down, collapse, bunk. wager, eggshell, spawn, bet, clutch, stake, broody, venture, new-laid, incubate, gambling, incubation period, egg, gamble, go, risk. brush, play, sort out, pick up after, pick up, clean, clear out, clean out, game, straighten up, tidy, clean up. eternal triangle, turn, seek, double date, escort, chaperon, train, Mr. Right, level, zero in, catch, conquest, head, eligible. lay (noun)
set, position, ballad, put, pose, secular, nonprofessional, profane, place, laic.


bet, wager (verb)
stake, game, risk, play, gamble.
contact (verb)
set, pose, put, position, place.
credit, allocate (verb)
zero in, level, accredit, train, impute, turn, attribute, refer, charge, ascribe.
design, plan (verb)
contrive, work out, devise.
locate (verb)
station, set, post, spot, pinpoint, establish, put, unearth, position, situate, discover, find, place, locate.
order (verb)
situation, arrangement.
produce, advance (verb)
adduce, cite, allege.
put, place (verb)
spread, locate, settle, position, set out, set, establish, organize.

Other synonyms:

interdenominational, bed down, eternal triangle, evangelical, building, cuddle up, ecumenical, adduce, charismatic, ascribe, Mr. Right, born-again, double date, fortification, curl up, strategize, ecclesiastical, inhume, new-laid. baptist, eligible, entomb, masonry, inter, broody, devise, construction, egg, gamble, incubation period, design. contrive, assemblage, incubate, clutch, bunk, impute, church, accredit, chaperon, allege, set out, blueprint, eggshell, collapse, chart, flop, christian, conquest, spawn. formulate, cite, attribute, conceive. bury, refer, escort. play, development. pile. develop. charge. balance, spread, fall. down. turn. catch. go. attribute
zero in.

Usage examples for lay

  1. He lay a long time thinking. – Nan of Music Mountain by Frank H. Spearman
  2. Sir Launfal lay in his room. – A Child's Story Garden by Compiled by Elizabeth Heber
  3. And if not, what would be that married life which lay before her? – Life of Saint Monica by F. A. (Frances Alice) Forbes