Synonyms for Caravan:


bird of passage, backpacker, explorer, camp follower, business traveler, coach party, companion, commuter, dude. camp, campfire, camper van, camp bed, camper, camp out, campground, bivouac. buckboard, brougham, chariot, cab, buggy, coach, cart, carriage, chaise. artifact (noun)
caravan (noun)
train, van, wagon train.
group (noun)
wagon train, train.
group traveling together (noun)
cavalcade, convoy, band, safari, expedition, train, procession.
troop (noun)
column, expedition, camels, cavalcade, parade, journey, safari, band, convoy, pack train, procession, motorcade.

Other synonyms:

bird of passage, backpacker, explorer, buckboard, brougham, coach party, chariot, business traveler, dude. chaise, expedition, camp follower, buggy, commuter. cab, column, procession. coach, cart. companion, carriage. escort
Other relevant words:
camper, chaise, column, commuter, procession, buckboard, coach, band, cavalcade, explorer, journey, expedition, motorcade, safari, parade, camels, carriage, pack train, cart, convoy, chariot, brougham.

Usage examples for caravan

  1. By the same caravan route the blackbirds come to the garden; they, however, are not such travelling birds as the finches. – Wild Life in a Southern County by Richard Jefferies
  2. The acts of kindness shown by the traveler as the caravan plods its tortuous way across the sands of the desert; the mission of the wise men from the east in search of a Redeemer, all show forth that trait that you and I, my brother, try to emphasize while vowing devotion to the triple links. – The Jericho Road by W. Bion Adkins
  3. The caravan passes on and is lost in the desolation and the storm. – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens