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daft - 122 results
insane (adjective)

deranged, demented.

Other synonyms:

kookie, zesty, crackpot, bughouse, brainless, wacko, bedlam, maniacal, cuckoo, foolish, cranky, mad as a hatter, yeasty, tomfool, mild, not in your right mind/not right in the head, insane, zestful, daffy, senseless, awry, absurd, silly, distraught, amiss, loony tunes, disordered, wud, mentally ill, maniac, sappy, screwy, loony, nutlike, crazy, chapped, goofy, wacky, inept, unwise, dotty, not all there, scatty, fool, unhinged, simpleminded, asinine, cockamamie, soft, nutty as a fruitcake, cockamamy, bubbleheaded, mental, roughened, weak-minded, brainsick, buggy, batty, lunkheaded, moonstruck, round the bend, ridiculous, of unsound mind, touched, lunatic, loco, crackpot, nonsensical, kooky, jerky, loopy, bats, gaga, cracked, laughable, fatuous, featherheaded, wrong, witless, psycho, unsound, whacky, crackbrained, childish, alligatored, half-witted, certifiable, barmy, meshuga, zany, nutty, around the bend, sane, unbalanced, off, screwball, bananas, fruity, ludicrous, half-baked, demented, haywire, wild, mad, harebrained, cockeyed, crazed, dippy, psychotic, over-the-top, nuts, stupid, crazy as a loon, crackers, bonkers, stark raving mad, balmy, non compos mentis, sick in the head, preposterous.

Examples of usage:

" No, a'm no daft; ye needna be feared; but yir tae get yir first lesson in medicine the nicht, an' if we win the battle ye can set up for yersel in the Glen. - "Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush", Ian Maclaren.

They were enraged, however, to think these politicians could imagine them so dead daft. - "The Honest American Voter's Little Catechism for 1880", Blythe Harding.

In that hour I thought her as daft as the Sweet- Singers, whose nails were uncommonly near my cheek. - "Salute to Adventurers", John Buchan.

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