Synonyms for Whirl:


revolution, about-face, flurry, wriggle, gyration, whir, surge. swing, circle, repetition. move, bedlam, disorder. color, grow, sweep over, pulse, come over, engulf, heighten, grip, swim. flit, trot, rip, whisk, hotfoot, hasten, dash, rocket, nip, run, bucket, zoom, bustle, barrel, hustle, pelt, race, sprint, fly, speed, festinate, bolt, wing, scoot, fleet, haste, shoot, flash, highball, rush, sail, scour, dart, whiz, tear, zip, hurry. attempt (noun)
fling, go.
commotion, confusion (noun)
hurry, agitation, storm, fluster, tempest, rush, bustle, turbulence, spin, ferment.
confusion (noun)
agitation, hurry, tempest, storm, bustle, ferment, rush, fluster, turbulence.
event (noun)
revolution (noun)
spin, revolution (noun)
pirouette, surge, reel, swirl, twist, turn, twirl, flurry, wheel, whir, roll, gyration, whirlpool, circle.
whirl (noun)
gyrate, twiddle, eddy, commotion, skirl, spin around, twisting, swirl, whirl around, purl, tumble, twirl, whirlpool, birl, offer, fling, twist, spin, convolution, pass, vortex, go, reel.
whirlpool (noun)


roll (verb)
cycle, roll, swirl, spin.
rotate (verb)
pirouette, circulate, turn, gyrate, twist, revolve, circumnavigate, wheel, rotate, eddy.
spin around (verb)
gyrate, purl, eddy, rotate, revolve.

Other synonyms:

festinate, flurry, about-face, revolution, gyration. highball, bustle, hotfoot, rocket, whisk, zoom, scoot, flit, rush, dart, wriggle. hasten, rip, circle, sprint, sail. bucket, flash, whiz, tear. haste, hurry, fleet, nip, hustle. bolt, dash. fly, run. shoot. spin around
Other relevant words:
fluster, dash, flash, bustle, shoot, hasten, flit, swing, whiz, scoot, fling, flurry, twisting, pelt, gyration, whirl around, circle, agitation, sprint, storm, purl, commotion, hurry, ferment, turbulence, speed, rush, offer, festinate, tumble, tempest, zip, highball, wriggle, swim, reel, fly, haste, revolution, skirl, sail, whir, twirl, pass, zoom, nip, move, hustle, bucket, wing, birl, run, rip, barrel, spin around, whirlpool, fleet, go, hotfoot, twiddle, scour, convolution, bolt, trot, whisk, vortex, tear, rocket, dart, surge, race.

Usage examples for whirl

  1. The whole crowd was in a wild whirl of excitement. – Phemie Frost's Experiences by Ann S. Stephens
  2. Far down the road, beyond the big red building, came a whirl of dust. – The Girl Aviators' Sky Cruise by Margaret Burnham
  3. Her head was in a whirl – The Exploits of Elaine by Arthur B. Reeve