Synonyms for Charmed:


desirous (adjective)
enchanted (adjective)
mesmerized, spellbound, pleased, moonstruck, Bedazzled, bewitched, protected, possessed, Lured, won over, entranced, captivated, beguiled, Attracted, delighted, enraptured, under a spell, Tempted, Soothed, fascinated, hypnotized, Enticed.


luck, fortunate, hot, lottery, dumb luck, beginner's luck, fortuitous, fortunately, fortune. charmed (noun)
beguiled, captivated, enthralled, delighted, entranced, enchanted, loving.
enchanted (noun)
moonstruck, fascinated, Tempted, Bedazzled, in a trance, bewitched, Soothed, won over, mesmerized, possessed, hypnotized, spellbound, hagridden, under a spell, witch-charmed, privileged, protected, enraptured.


amused (verb)
diverted, amused, Lightened, entertained, delighted, relaxed, refreshed, beguiled, enthralled, stimulated, pleased, distracted.
attracted (verb)
invited, drew, captivated, Dragged, allured, Lured, pulled, seduced, engrossed, drawn, Enticed, Attracted, enchanted, magnetized.
coaxed (verb)
Persuaded, enlisted, Coaxed, Implored, Swayed, Urged, convinced, induced, Cajoled.
endeared (verb)
Hugged, billed and cooed, Caressed, Cuddled, Dallied, spooned, Kissed, Ogled, Fondled, made love, Courted, Romanced, coddled, nuzzled, Wooed, Serenaded, Endeared, cherished, snuggled, Flirted.

Other synonyms:

fortune, luck, beginner's luck, lottery, fortuitous, fortunately, dumb luck, fortunate. hot. charmed
spellbound, hypnotized, entranced.
Other relevant words:
hot, fortunate, protected, loving, hypnotized, under a spell, in a trance, mesmerized, enraptured, entranced, fascinated, lottery, possessed, Tempted, bewitched, spellbound, fortuitous.

Usage examples for charmed

  1. Amy was so charmed with the minute establishment that she declared she meant to have one exactly like it for Mabel whenever she got married. – Clover by Susan Coolidge
  2. Learn at last, that I bear a charmed life. – Rienzi by Edward Bulwer Lytton
  3. Mrs. Groome was charmed – The Sisters-In-Law by Gertrude Atherton