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preposterous - 164 results
unbelievable (adjective)

farfetched, fantastic, incredible, implausible.

Examples of usage:

And if this man Hill wins his case, why it'll mean another hundred cases all as preposterous as his on our hands. - "Gargoyles", Ben Hecht.

That there should have been two vessels of the same unusual name at one and the same time in the Port of London, was a coincidence too preposterous altogether to find place in his calculations. - "The Black Bag", Louis Joseph Vance.

The truth was, both of us had our heads so full of mademoiselle, of Mayenne, and of Lucas, that we had forgotten the governor and his preposterous warrant. - "Helmet of Navarre", Bertha Runkle.

Similar words:

preposterously, preposterousness, prepossess, preponderant, preponderate, prestigious, pretentious, object of a preposition.

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