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gabble - 84 results
Other synonyms:

natter, mussitate, palaver, blab out, jaw, drivel, cackle, piffle, blabber, sing, cluck, slobber, garbage, brattle, chitchat, murmur, cajole, gossip, rattle, bumble, sputter, double Dutch, blather, waffle, double-talk, mumble, prattle, slur, clatter, visit, chat, hiccup, peach, click, blarney, talk, jabberwocky, inveigle, equivocate, wheedle, shoot the breeze, confab, chit-chat, tittle-tattle, hum, chew the fat, gargle, babble, spill the beans, gurgle, blurt out, spiel, ravings, babble out, chaffer, rubbish, confabulate, jabber, chatter, maunder, pad, mumbo jumbo, blurt, gibber, footstep, gobbledegook, prate, coax, tattle, claver, nonsense, babel, twaddle, stuff, blab, footfall, words, burble, let the cat out of the bag, abracadabra, sweet-talk, jabbering, mutter, clack.

Examples of usage:

Gabble and babble, till at last automobiles brought the dreadful news from San Francisco. - "The Letters of William James, Vol. II", William James.

At the opera, with Lord Ossory and Mr. Fitzpatrick, I talked through the round of the boxes, from Lady Pembroke's on the right to Lady Hervey's on the left, where Dolly's illness and Lady Harrington's snuffing gabble were the topics rather than Giardini's fiddling. - "Richard Carvel, Complete", Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009.

It's herself comin' gabble- gobblin' up. - "Stories by English Authors: Ireland", Various.

Similar words:

gable, gable end, gable roof, gable wall, Clark Gable, William Clark Gable, gabled, gabbed, gabby.

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