Synonyms for Mouth:


depressed (adjective)
sad, unhappy, discouraged.


arch, gateway, entry, gatehouse, gatepost, archway, hall, access. brittle, broken, harbor, arm's length, close, brotherly, chummy, acquainted, clannish, sound, estuary, cosy, connected, confluence. dribble, dry, gargle, furry, trap, gob, agape, corner, epiglottis, Adam's Apple, puss, gingivitis, froth. diction, mug, articulation, stammer, pout, roll/trip/slip off the tongue, face, articulate, moue, enunciate, grimace, stutter, pronounce, intone, pronunciation. bed, bight, spokeswoman, bayou, cataract, bottom, branch, backwater, cascade, substitute, spokesperson, spokesman, speaker, channel. complexion, chin, crease, dimple, outlet, open, eye socket, brow, eye, Crow's-feet, bone structure, vent. cap, overflow, cork, lid, flip top, compartment, bung. chorus, put, frame, declaim, gasp out, phrase, chirp, pant, declare. back talk (noun)
sass, lip.
backtalk (noun)
sass, lip.
jaw (noun)
mouth (noun)
backtalk, sassing, verbalize, utter, verbalise, talk, back talk, sass, mouthpiece, speak, lip.
opening (noun)
embouchure, gap, yap, yawning, chasm, gate, gob, opening, trap, portal, orifice, kisser, aperture, entrance, hatch, harbor, pore, door, inlet, estuary.
oral cavity (noun)
muzzle, kisser, mandible, trap, yap, maw.


communication (verb)
utter, verbalize, talk, verbalise, speak.

Other synonyms:

moue, flip top, spokesperson, spokeswoman, gasp out, puss, chirp. grimace, pant, declaim, lid, compartment. declare, speaker, mug, outlet, spokesman, dribble, cork. bung. vent, phrase. trap, chorus. overflow, face. cap. put. frame. gorge
Other relevant words:
bung, bayou, dimple, mouthpiece, chirp, open, epiglottis, backwater, cascade, brittle, intone, brow, aperture, crease, gatehouse, cataract, pant, gob, harbor, dribble, diction, unhappy, cork, access, gingivitis, dry, lid, speaker, sassing, outlet, discouraged, corner, spokeswoman, agape, vent, arch, kisser, branch, pronounce, stutter, articulate, moue, close, complexion, entry, pronunciation, declaim, overflow, eye, archway, talk, gargle, speak, put, mandible, grimace, compartment, hall, clannish, chorus, declare, chin, sass, lip, muzzle, back talk, gateway, phrase, puss, utter, broken, frame, chummy, sad, bed, connected, cosy, yap, spokesperson, substitute, maw, trap, sound, verbalize, brotherly, bottom, bight, acquainted, enunciate, cap, mug, confluence, articulation, face, spokesman, channel, backtalk, pout, furry, estuary, verbalise, froth, stammer, gatepost.

Usage examples for mouth

  1. Andy's heart was in his mouth – Andy Grant's Pluck by Horatio Alger
  2. I started to speak, to beg Wrexler to leave Rougemont, but before the words could leave my mouth I saw her. – The Lost Door by Dorothy Quick
  3. Hands closed over his mouth again. – The Thing in the Attic by James Benjamin Blish