Synonyms for Influence:


stir, color, give, lead to, pack a punch, skew, grip. result, impact, end result, side effect, reputation, the upshot (of something), leverage, monopoly, the aftermath, outcome, character, significance, hold, leadership, weight, esteem, Fame, juice. efficaciousness, effect, effectiveness, efficacy, efficiency, effectualness, effectuality. repercussion, impression. dispose, predispose, like. attraction (noun)
attraction, spell, magnetism.
authority (noun)
kingship, commission, birthright, mastery, empowerment, charge, prestige, superiority, force, license, rank, entitlement, seniority, prerogative, primacy, credential, clout, powerfulness, might, privilege, right, potency, strength, authority, sovereignty, purview, stature, cogency, office, precedence, faculty, domination, steam, Prepotency, punch, title, mightiness, puissance, mandate, enfranchisement.
credit (noun)
effect (noun)
efficaciousness, impact, effectuality, effectualness.
efficacy (noun)
energy (noun)
importance (noun)
notability, consequence, merit, momentousness, import, noteworthiness, weight, eminence, criticalness, prominence, criticality.
influence (noun)
importance, regulate, predominance, motivation, rule, supremacy, work, shape, charm, mold, act upon, pull, determine, tempt.
persuasion (noun)
persuasion, temptation, enticement, induction.
power (noun)
power, authority (noun)
pressure, command, sway, impact, prestige, reputation, importance, monopoly, magnetism, leverage, leadership, domination, prominence, force, repercussion, character, effect, spell, supremacy, significance, predominance, weight, hold, esteem, clout, juice, pull, control, consequence, prerogative, Fame, rule.


communication (verb)
tempt, charm.
effect (verb)
influence (verb)
command, motivate, lead, empower, power, prejudice, sway, predominate, authorize, control, affect, master, bias, pressure.
lead to believe, do (verb)
persuade, shape, sell, mold, dispose, predispose, act upon, affect, prejudice, determine, bias, regulate, induce.
persuade (verb)
persuade, allure, indoctrinate, induce, entice, win over, tempt, enlist, convince, sell, coax.

Other synonyms:

outcome, lead to, leadership, the aftermath, end result, efficaciousness, side effect, effectiveness, effectuality, effectualness. efficacy, repercussion, leverage, color, predispose. skew, grip. impression, efficiency. result. give. impact
Other relevant words:
dispose, weight, effect.

Usage examples for influence

  1. Its influence is good as far as it goes, in keeping young men away from worse places. – Amusement: A Force in Christian Training by Rev. Marvin R. Vincent.
  2. " The fact is, I wanted to ask you to use your influence in the matter of getting John Henry a place in the bank. – Virginia by Ellen Glasgow