Synonyms for Twitter:


jaw, quake, quaver, prattle, repetition, waffle, vibrate, run off at the mouth, babble, shake, talk through your hat, gab, quiver, shudder, tremble, gas, gossip, shiver. quack, cock-a-doodle-doo, cluck, hoot, song, birdsong, shriek, cuckoo. sing (noun)
chirp, peep, whistle, coo, cheep.
twitter (noun)
chirrup, chitter.

Other synonyms:

quiver, quaver, tremble, shudder. shake, quake, vibrate. shiver. cheep
chirp, chirrup.

Usage examples for twitter

  1. Only in the tree- tops is the sleepy hum of bees, still busy with the flowers, and the last twitter of soft birds' voices. – Sketches of the East Africa Campaign by Robert Valentine Dolbey
  2. Your blood burns, your nerves tingle, your ears quiver, your eyes leap from your head, and, upon my honor, sir, when our best sportsman saw the deer near him last year in Maine, he fixed his eyes steadily upon him, but such was his nervous twitter that he pointed his rifle straight into the ground and fired. – From the Easy Chair, series 3 by George William Curtis