Synonyms for Dribble:


agape, epiglottis, gingivitis, Adam's Apple, gargle, corner, furry, froth. smash, strike at, kick, shoot, play, knock, distill, cross, pass, hook, weep, rise. ball, chip, mouth, backhand, dry, blast, dive, delivery. jet, river, sounds, condensation, splash, moisture, spatter, sip. course, burst, dash, cast up, catch, break, deepen, crest, come in. open, pucker, hawk, shut. dribble (noun)
drip, carry, slabber, trickle, dribbling, slaver, drivel, filter, drool, slobber.
event (noun)
drip, trickle.
trickle (noun)


contact (verb)
carry, drip.
motion (verb)
filter, trickle.
trickle (verb)
drip, drool, weep, distill, slobber, drivel, slaver, leak.

Other synonyms:

dry, Adam's Apple, furry, gargle, agape, epiglottis. distill, backhand, knock, froth, shoot. mouth, pucker, corner, smash. chip, ball, delivery, dive, kick, shut, weep. hawk, hook, cross. play. blast. pass. catch. open. drool
froth, drivel, slaver, slabber, slobber.
run out

Usage examples for dribble

  1. Very often it shall happen that his mind will lie fallow between novels or stories for weeks and months at a stretch; when the suggestions of the friendly editor shall fail to fruit in the essays or articles desired; when the muse shall altogether withhold herself, or shall respond only in a feeble dribble of verse which he might sell indeed, but which it would not be good business for him to put on the market. – The Man of Letters as a Man of Business by William Dean Howells