Synonyms for Steam:


automatically, analog, fog, vapor, clean, built, auxiliary, clockwork, cordless, cloud, fumes, automatic, broken, clever. bake, charbroil, animation, zip, action, boil down, boil, brown, baste, braise, broil, sprightliness, get-up-and-go, pep, energy, peppiness, go, barbecue. scalding, boiling, scorching, burning, balmy, tropical, warm, red hot, mild, hot. billow, column, cumulus, cumulonimbus, cirrus, cirrocumulus, cloudy, bank, cirrostratus. fly, speed, be quick on your feet, surge, outpace, gallop, race, dart, hasten. give out, discharge, send out, emit, beam, spill, stream, issue from, give off, generate. capacity, fuel, coal-fired, fossil fuel, biomass, biofuel, biogas, gas. flow, progress, forge ahead, walk-on, pass, head, press, carry on, move. authority (noun)
prerogative, entitlement, force, title, enfranchisement, authority, faculty, punch, potency, control, powerfulness, clout, stature, empowerment, primacy, power, office, mandate, kingship, prestige, puissance, birthright, commission, seniority, mightiness, might, right, command, sovereignty, credential, rank, Prepotency, cogency, superiority, strength, mastery, domination, privilege, charge, precedence, sway, influence, purview, license.
brawn (noun)
energy, clout.
cloud (noun)
fog, vapor, billow.
drive (noun)
pep, zip, get-up-and-go.
energy (noun)
sprightliness, peppiness.
steam (noun)
might, steam clean, puissance, potency, strength, power, force.


cook (verb)
barbecue, braise, brown, broil, bake, boil.
distill (verb)
press, boil down.

Other synonyms:

boil, sprightliness, fog, speed, energy. get-up-and-go, peppiness, zip, animation. pep. mist
Other relevant words:
boil, cirrus, fuel, dart, mild, clever, surge, warm, capacity, give off, send out, steam clean, fly, balmy, get-up-and-go, clean, automatic, burning, pep, red hot, baste, zip, gas, cirrostratus, billow, cordless, flow, scalding, cumulus, column, emit, brown, generate, hasten, coal-fired, scorching, race, bake, peppiness, go, animation, spill, head, give out, cumulonimbus, outpace, broken, action, biomass, broil, cirrocumulus, sprightliness, biogas, cloud, discharge, automatically, clockwork, auxiliary, pass, press, bank, hot, charbroil, speed, gallop, boiling, built, barbecue, stream, tropical, analog, vapor, braise, beam, fog, move, cloudy, fumes, biofuel, progress, energy.

Usage examples for steam

  1. They are the steam and a big part of the engine, too- that makes business move. – Tales of the Road by Charles N. Crewdson
  2. Sometimes a driver will waste his steam and when he comes to a hill he has scarcely enough to drag him up. – Mugby Junction by Charles Dickens